This week's speedtie thread

When is something going to be done about these again? Another dreadful tournament without any sort of fix.


I lost a match because someone had dinosaurs win the speed tie four times and screw me over


Thank you for the thread.


I don’t understand why nothing is done yet


But what can he done?

A coin flip?

Another match lost because of speedtie nonsense. This is going to be a long week.

Rock paper scissors still rng

i rather prefer RNG than a system in favor of north america.
It is much better to have 50% chance than a big 0 when you draw the same cards.
It is call “fair play”,a term ludia don’t seem to care.

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I think we should have a sistem that ask you if you want to go last or first, if both choose the same then its a 50/50

Sometimes i want to go last to stun my oponent or make dodge last 1 more turn

It should be randomly assigned at the start of the battle. Maybe then it could switch every time someone gets a dino kill.

I’m all down for straight RNG. That’s how I assumed it worked at first. There are many places where RNG is unfavorable in a game like this, but this is not one of them. When all else is equal, the result should be random every time. And it should be random EVERY turn, that way each turn both players have the chance to go first. Randomly picking one player to go first at the start is still RNG, and it sounds like it has more long-lasting effects to me, so honestly random every turn is more fair than that. And I’m not a fan of any ideas thay involve players doing another task to decide (like rock paper scissors). While they can be objectively fair (and definitely better than the current system), I don’t want the match to get interrupted by a mini game every time there’s a speed tie, I want to focus on strategy. The current speed tie system already feels like enough of a mini game, with the “who can tap it the fastest”, and it totally breaks the flow of battle. Plus as some have pointed out, there are sometimes advantages to going second. So if you can’t determine when you go first, you shouldn’t get to determine when you go second either. There’s no reason to be afraid of a little RNG here, and it’ll still be waaaay better than what we have now.


The last option it’s that both attacks occur at the same time

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Imagine Ludia playing the tournament and they are right next to their servers, you would never beat them!



Glad i’m mexican

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Ok little idea for you over trying to mitigate a speed tie. Do you think it’s possible that ludia has the information in the form of a “ time stamp”on which each us made/ created our dinos, for example JD created indo raptor on 3/24/20. Because if so it could be used as a tiebreak , youngest or eldest go’s first , in fairness nobody’s gunna agree in full & I think a “ poll” would be needed in how to solve the problem in truth , rng has its place but the arguments about whether it’s favouring or not growls on, so I feel something more concrete needs to be put in place.

Is a speed tie actually RNG? When I first started playing I believed it was, but after a while I adopted the theory that if you have a speed tie, whoever registers their attack first goes first. When I practiced this, I found I was actually going first quite consistently. I’m asking because I’m generally curious at this point. Either way, whether RNG or not, we can’t really avoid it either way, but best of luck to everyone nonetheless.

Well if it’s not rng then it’s who presses first & that is argued that who is closer to the server, so those at the far side of the world are totally disadvantaged ,where as if your just around the corner from ludia .