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This week's World-Boss

Who is going to be the boss this friday?

  • Akupara ( Aquatic Turtle, Reef)
  • Omega (Tyrannosaurus, I hope that I’ll get the statue any times)
  • Alpha 06 (Tyrannosaurus, my favourite Boss, always at halloween so not realistic that he’ll get offered)
  • Ouroborus (Titanoboa, came out 1 year ago)
  • Vulcan or Juggernaut (both Triceratops)
  • Death Dodo (Herbivore)
  • Phoenix (Pterodactylus)
  • Yalkrie (Pteranodon)
  • Salamander 16 (Limnoscelis)
  • Maelstom (Megaloceros)


  • Kraken 18 (Cameroceras, failed)
  • Colossus (Megalodon, failed)

New boss options:

  • Mosasaurus Boss
  • Raptor Boss
  • Dilophosaurus Boss
  • Carnotaurus Boss
  • Andrewsarchus/Megistoterium/…other Wolves Boss
  • Mammouth Boss
  • Plesiosaur Boss
  • Sauropod boss (Brachy)

The schedule shows Jurassic

I have never faced Omega (not counting the Jurassic Park T. rex event this Summer) or Valkyrie. Also, is there a non-Halloween Alpha statue?

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It’s Salamander 16…

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Hey everyone it’s my first time on this forum! Honestly been playing this for a year and didn’t know about this lol. I’m gonna be less excited if it’s Salamander 16 (My top 3 are Carnivores and I’ve been waiting to use my level 20 indoraptor against a boss). But I always love the opportunity to get more dna!


Welcome to the forums @Lindsay_G, lots of useful information in the forums. If you have a question and you can’t seem to find a topic or information on it don’t hesitate to ask.


Am I wrong or did they reduce the community goal by more than 50%. I don’t keep track that’s why I’m not sure.

Yes you are correct it has been cut in half I think they should go back to the ones over the past three and do the exact same thing just my opinion


Once upon a time, Boss battles had a community goal of 10,000,000,000 damage points. SInce Akupara, that amount has been steadily reduced (8.5 billion for Akupara, 8 billion for Jurassic Park T. rex, 7.5 billion for Colossus, and 7 billion for Kraken). Salamander now requires 3.5 billion damage points. I assume this means that the Dinobucks and three hit pattern have not been restored. The community has failed to unlock the boss three out of the last four attempts, including a current loosing streak of two in a row.


Why bother? I participated and got to level 7, all for the SDNA, then got to 10 daily missions since I’m so close, also for SDNA, that’s it. Won’t even do the daily missions for the next few days. Boss statues are nice but aren’t exactly the best for maximizing coin production. Besides, already got a bunch from before. :neutral_face:


I will try to do the high damage missions for DNA and perhaps the 10 daily missions, but that’s it for me too.

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I just do it for the DNA now. I already have that statue I’ll probably just trade it lol.

No, don’t trade them. Select a special area in your park and display them to the astonished audience.


Must be nice to have a Kraken, a couple of Omegas, some Colossi, and a Valkyrie

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Is this one on the old 3 attack max sequence or no?


Yes, they are my Mona Lisas.

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I suppose when you got around 400k in DBs, cost isn’t much of a concern. When boss was predictable, challenge was to get as many missions done in as few fights as possible. Now it costs too much in DB. Just my opinion.


Appears to be the new AI again, can’t get into any rythm. How are you completing the high damage missions. Seems like it will take forever sacrificing your first 2 just for 2 hit on your 3rd?..

The only way I see now with this ‘new’ boss is to put your strongest dino in the last spot and try to attack him once with 8 hits. I’ve got 2 lvl 20 Metriaphodons With them I’m going to hit him as hard as I can for the high damage missions.


That’s why I don’t bother anymore.