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This whole tournament is

Cautious Strike, Cautious Strike, Cautious Strike, Instant Rampage, Missed stun, Cautious Strike, Cautious Strike, Dodge, Dodge, Dodge, oh and Cautious Strike… Talk about a vastly broken move!


So shield up first move… nullify, precise rampage, slow, superiority strike… not that hard

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Yeah if u draw counter dinos for battle. Usually doesn’t happen to me, so I need min. 2 dinos to kill Indo II only to have a half dead team then (or worse) that gets finished by Phoru or Carbo. Or Yoshi.

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Not that hard… :man_facepalming::man_facepalming: Yea if you have dinos with those moves… If you don’t draw those dinos then there’s no chance.

There are plenty of creatures with those moves within this tournament. Since all are set to lvl 26 and don’t have their boosts, you should be able to set up a good counter team… :woman_shrugging:t3:

You forgot to mention Cautious Strike, and also Cautious Strike


Don’t forget side step, side step, or side step and what else side step.


Also let’s not forget the peak of human intelligence in battle; swap in stun, strike, dig-in, swap out, stun, strike, dig-in, swap-out, swap in, stun, strike, dig-in, swap out…


It’s just that Indo2 is the game changer… I literally only lost battles in the tournament against this freak! To be positive though, the fun is almost completely back! Without the stupid rat, they only have the Indo2 to fix… Procera is also OP, but it’s completely owned by the turtles

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I love watching indog2 users try and think it counters for it. Can’t wait for this thing to get knocked down to balanced levels.


Here’s 1 for ya. I healed my Mammoth up to 2820 health… Indo g2 hit dsr and killed me… it only did 2800! Where the hell is my other 20 hp

Gone, reduced to atoms

As annoying and broken Indoraptor Gen 2 is, I honestly hate Phorusaura even more.

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Ehh honestly I don’t really have a problem against ig2. Sure at equal levels and no boosts. Yeah that’s not a fact in the arena tbh. I messed this dino up up bajatonodon/phoru all day.

Honestly tho I never realized how op it was till this tournament I was able with just phora able to 3-0 ten times just cause instant, sidestep, and RaR. Like that fact it can hit with a rampage before any move and the just yeet out of there with nothing to keep locked in is amazing mean while indo ya it’s fine I suppose I mean it wasn’t as annoying as last time since it’s damage got nerfed and it lost definitive but it was just always a back up when ever I had phora

I took ig2 out quick with bajatonodon and phoru in the tourney. And baja came back in to do more damage before healing and leaving again. I slowed it twice since they spam cs. Healed and ran to phoru instant rampage. You can also pair up mammotherium in there and carbotops. Since they have definite, slowing and shields.

Ig2 is strong but it isn’t unkillable. Nope. I don’t need my own to kill it.

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Lol and I can’t wait till cautions loses speed up and cleanse then it will be so easy to kill with phora, proRAT, stego, carno, others… :joy::rofl:

It shouldn’t be killed by prorat. That thing is bad it’s easy to get and level. Ig2 is way harder with blue. Idk I don’t think it needs to be stooped so low. I like that it uses blue because I love blue.

But honestly it’s not unkillable if you draw the right team you kill that thing easy. Most people complain because they can’t level there own. It’s not like prorat and dracoRAT you can’t go to sleep have your eyes closed and wake up with it leveled up with your eyes closed lol. So a lot of the feedback is bad because it isn’t easy to get.

They have been helping everyone get there own too. Imo ig2 is hard to work on though. I don’t expect a big nerf tbh.

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Eh idk people really have hated on it myself include cause like the nerf it had was good but like still, Which idiot on the development team said it need a buff to cautious strike like what the hell?! any way just taking the cleanse, and speed up it honestly fine what the move should of been instead of literally what it has been😂 MF does that anyway so it it’s slowed or bleed it should use tha it it’s slower, but it slow should have been worse than Indo but that’s off topic any back to the tournament.

And also holly crap it’s super easy to make I literally have 8,000 echo! Like I swear if I see her again I’m gonna lose it like it takes me forever to get regular raptor cause everything echo pops up and just today I had 5 Rex gen2 plus with this blue event hat last one, the pursuit and the creator the month reward saying it’s hard to level up is now bs :joy: