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This will fix all issues in Update 1.9!

Being optimistic, I think Ludia added boosts to add more variety in arena battles other than having standard speed/health/attack to keep higher level players interested rather than having boring speed ties, while battling same set of (Tyrant) dinos.

Fix boosts problem? As people already suggested before, have two arenas boosted & un-boosted. Provided boosted arenas drop more DNA and rewards upon participating than standard rewards, it encourages people to focus on boosts as well as improve their skills, get required incub in un-boosted arena.

Speed tie problem? Now the older problem arises, same set of dinos same speed etc., I am proposing to have a “Dino Experience” mechanism where each dino has a weight for overall past battle experience and current active battle experience, more battle the dino does and duration it stays alive in the field increases the weightage. Idea is, more turns a dino spends in the arena, it knows the arena better than incoming new dino.

Overall Past Experience - This will be a normalized value based on all battles the dino participated in the past. User must be skilled enough to keep the dino alive for longer duration.

Current Active Battle Experience - This weight is determined in active ongoing battle where the dino already in the ring will have more weightage than new one coming in.

Formula shall be like Speed Weight = 60% * (Active battle weight) + 40% * (Overall Active Weight)
Hence Dino with higher weight wins the speed tie, rather than who clicks faster. Now player has another goal to work towards.

Why matchmaking seems unfair? I think this is because very less people are actively participating in arena. Matchmaking normalization, matches you to a higher level player since they are the only option during the search and closer to your level then you end up being a punching bag. Getting in more players will resolve this issue.

Problem of Rat I view “Swap In Rampage” as a cheap shot rather than strategy. Better would be have “Swap in Impact 1.5x / Strike 1x” damage than rampage. Give Dracocera good moves when it stays actively in battle like Stunning Rampage etc.,. Ludia has nerfed many dinos to ground before.(Monomimus, Stegod etc.,) this would not be a new trend.

We all love this game and want it to improve. Ludia also needs to make more money to keep giving us better features, have more servers for smooth game play and keep more devs at work, hence players who spend money should have an edge against others, however not overpower. We should cling on to hope that this game gets back its glory days.

Please share your thoughts below.


I agree with rat needing a change. We all see it as a cheap shot.

No one likes the current matchmaking because of it being team power based instead of trophy based. This is what causes the overboosted thors and whatnot, as the battles are not evenly matched. They would profit heavily and solidify the Rat and Thor meta even more. They wouldnt care enough about us to prevent it, we’ve all lost hope

I agree with the arena idea where ones boosted while the other is regular. Boosted gives better rewards, thus keeping boosts relevant in its own way and for people who like them

As for speed ties, i really do not care too much about that specific topic, but i think maybe it should be based off the amount of dna in that creature. If you both have the same dna, then it would just be random rng who decides instead of fastest ping

As for the overall fate of the game, i believe its numbered. Considering everything theyve done so far, im convinced 1.9 is going to bring in the armor and crit boosts thatll solidify the Rat and Thor meta even more

The easiest/best thing to do would be to increase strike teams to 12 dinos. Especially since we have so many to choose from now.

It would introduce variety into the arena. It would lesson Draco appearances. It would cause people to spread out the boosts some.

I can’t see a negative in increasing our strike team size.

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