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Thor again

I realy like this game, but I get realy sick and tired of those way to overpowered and boosted Thor’s. Just played 2 battles. One with 60++ health, 24++ damage 135 speed. Second 67++ health, 27++ damage and 135 speed. This is no fun at all and the super overpowered boosted Thor’s are realy no game pleasure. I wonder even how they get all the stat boosts from. The second stat boosts bug? I don’t know.

I hear what you are saying it is tough but there are ways around Thor. It’s not easy and you need the right team to get picked but some keys are to try and time his priority once that has been used up he is “Vulnerable” so to speak. A high Dino with superiority or thag can give you two wacks at him. 1 big hit and use dracoceratops to finish him. Basically count on using 2 dinos to finish him. You can also use suchatator or Suchomimus to bleed him. These won’t work all the time but it is satisfying when you do take him down. Usually they have put most of their eggs in that basket so the rest of the team is a bit more manageable. Hope this helps a bit.

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This girl right here is easy to make/level and does pretty good vs Thor.

I will ussually get first attack and bleed ASAP. Can ussually tank the first hit so this forces Thor to choose on turn 2 to stay and go for instant charge kill and possibly die itself, or swap out to a faster dino or a counter attacker.

Another Dino you can use is this girl here. She has been around awhile and also does pretty good against Thor.


The key here is paitence. Do not start with her and do not swap her in until turn 2 vs Thor. This will completly nulify Thors instant charge.

Neither one of these is a 100% and can still lose to Thor, but if peeps don’t have a team level boosted Magna or Utarinex, these could be an obtainable option. :slight_smile: