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Thor appreciation thread


Thor has surpassed dilo as my favorite dino. Hes just so fun to use…


Agreed, love the instant charge, it alone has won me many battles


How much better is it than allosino? Level for level they don’t look much different, but allo has armour.

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Instant smile when you get 3-4k crit :laughing:


Honestly i think Thor is much better than allosino, at the end you only lose a bit of hp and the armor but you get your crit doubled, better attack, 109 speed (this is one of the most important changes, It outspeeds triko, indom, stego and tyrannolopho, just to say some) and DSR instead of API.
Trust me, Thor is much better than allosino.


I love thore, if you use him as a revenge killer on a slower or slowed dino it becomes a monster, I sweeped many teams with his rampage and IC

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So, regarding armor, i ran the numbers once at it seemed (seemed! I need to look again) to make a drastic difference in his matchup vs stego (assuming 15%). Meaning he could take on something like a plus 4 or 5 stego cause he wouldn’t be 2 shot by thag rampage.

Might be wrong though.

Still, would love armor on this guy.

As to whether or not hes better than allosino - having used both, I think he quite readily is. His speed makes all the difference.

Assuming we are talking as a counter to tryko/stego.


Yes i would really like 10% armor on It

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agreed, 10% armor would be perfect. Would allow it to survive a couple battles I’ve used it in.

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And to round it out:


I am running mine at 24 and having a great time with it. That crit strikes like lightning sometimes. It still surprises me when it happens sometimes for some reason.

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Thor is like duck tape - fixes broken things (like games as a result of my poor decision making :upside_down_face:)


This was awesome. Wish Id recorded it or grabbed screenshots.

T1 crit impact through cloak erlidom, 1 shotting it barely.

T2 rampage a 27 indo

T3 crit ic indo through cloak, killing it

T4 crit rampage



Looks like fun.

I don’t have one yet, could I borrow yours for a couple battles? Take it around the block, kick the tires a little, see how it does kind of thing. I promise I will give it back.

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Haha I actually wish you could do that! That would be be cool :slight_smile:

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