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THOR have destroyed the arena!

Its sad to see all this THORs hanging around!

Overboosted THOR makes unplayable battles!

Why don’t Ludia understand?! If players don’t have any chance, or no counters, or dinos to compete with – they quit playing!

Why don’t people boost other dinos in their teams?

Why do people boost all on 1 dino!?

Tons of examples.


and another one…

I’m pretty sure Thor is not the problem but speed boost


Just max boosted speed ones but they are not good in raids anymore.

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Too fast only for arenas not good for raids.

Let me correct your topic’s name

“BOOSTS have destroyed the arena”


Last Thor is good for both PVP and raids.

Problem is matchmaking not that 3099 Thor.


Is this a post from 2019?


Thor it self is not the only problem the thing is that the fierce resilient meta also makes thor an effective counter and shuts down most of it’s counters.

Not only that thor is also the only pure fierce uniqe, wich is another reason why it’s so used there is no real other option to fit it’s exact role.

And then obviosly it’s the speed bosts as well and stuff


have the sense I’ve already read that before

If thor is that bad, then work on its counters. Try to level creatures like sarcorixis, magna, and erlikospyx. Even Indo gen 1 or 2 could be of service if monolometrodon is also a bit of an issue

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Hmm… I feel like we’ve been here before…


Your complaint becomes almost a little funny as it appears you are winning both of the matches where we can see ur team

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You again?

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Thor has plenty of counters. I have 2 creatures above 145 speed (Magna and Nemys), plus SIA monorhino. Others have Draco, Erlyko, Erlidom, Monolometro, all those creatures can counter Thor. I’m in shores and believe me, I’m usually glad when opponent has a Thor, it’s usually an easy kill (unless I’m unlucky enough to not have any of the counters).

(EDIT, important to say, I have never spent on game. If you play enough and collect all your drops, daily inc, strike towers, you can have more than enough boosts by now. I used to complain about boosts, but now, without spending, I have enough to fully boost my entire team, just by getting all the free ones the game offers)


Thor is definitely a problem for the upper-mid arenas (aviary, arena above that that escapes me.) Not gyrsosphere or shores.

Thor is problematic for these arena players, in my experience, due to several factors that all play together:

  1. Thor almost always gets 2 hits off (decent health, instant charge).
  2. A lot of times one of those hits is a crit
  3. Its immune to swap prevention. You in gyro/shores might be surprised to see how many players in aviary/arena above it rely on the epic alligator (my memory… I must be getting old)
  4. It combos so very well with rat (also swap prevention immune)
  5. Resilients are king right now. Thor does well vs them.
  6. Speedy thors are way faster than counters if those counters dont have 10+ speed boosts in them.
  7. Dodge is not a reliable counter to it (and it should be.)

Is thor counterable? 100%. But you have to boost many dinos to deal with a single boosted dino. For those of us who can only boost 2-3 arena dinos, that’s problematic.


A non boosted indominus could kill a non speed boosted Thor with health and attack boosts.


That’s only if Thor doesn’t crit right though Cloak or Cloak fails altogether.


Guy, not everyone is willing to level an indom past level 20. I have myself but that doesn’t mean everyone will.


You forgot the bleed resistant, if thor can be bleeded (without bleed resistant) at least low level can kill it with lethal wound.


Guy, just because you leveled an indom past level 20 doesn’t mean others won’t.