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Thor in 1.7 be like


Thor Lightning
Insanely boosted Thor

LOL. Yep, he’s raw power. The only down side is he has no distraction counter against a high health dino.

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Thor users: Please let the opponent bring out that rat. Go ahead please do it.


nah, now you rat thor :sweat_smile:


I actually sacrifice my rat sometimes to soak up a big DSR from Thor and do a little damage to boot.

That being said, if swap in rat was removed today I wouldn’t shed a tear…actually I lie, I would shed a tear of joy!

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I haven’t faced many boosted Thors myself surprisingly, a lot of people boost other dinos where I’m at. Boosted Draco is a tough one for sure. Maybe so they can have a balanced overall team I like to spread my boost.

I even saw a lvl 21 Smilodon that was boosted all up. Killed two of my dinos with that thing. I was just thinking how did they get it to lvl 21 already lol.


I haven’t even got a single point of DNA from that thing yet…where do you get it?

Also can someone link me a screenshot of its move set please!


I haven’t got a single dna for it either. I’m baffled how anyone could have a lvl 21.
It destroyed my indor though and then took out another dino right after it.


Sounds like a bot to me. No one is able to get so much DNA to get it to 21


I have it unlocked, went to get you a ss and was greeted with:


That’s also what I thought but since it was boosted it made me question if it was indeed a bot.


You can get it’s DNA out of epic incubators.

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Ppl are saying they fight boosted bots. It’s more plausible than someone spending millions of dollars and lots of time to get a dino in a mobile game

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Thanks for the screenshot, kinda wish it had at least 4 moves, or a swap in something rom other…then again it is a pure epic, not epic hybrid so I think they are supposed to have 3 moves.

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I look forward to fighting bots with two boosted thors and two boosted dracoceras…


Who would like to take a free bite?


Bots also possibly have boosted creatures now.
I’ve fought some high level (over 26) V-raptor, BLUE and Irritator gen2 in AI battle.
All of them are boosted.


Yep I was seeing boosted bots also, seen a boosted level 24 Indominus Rex, like the fact it was level 24 told me it was a bot…or someone who likes Indominus!

I really like Indominus in both the game and the movie, but I’ve always had really bad luck when it comes to cloak and evasive working, it’s more like 25-30% successful for me rather than 50%…so I removed it from my team ages ago, wish I didn’t have to though!

Would love to use it again but i need the DNA for Indo and trying to unlock Erlidom…so I can’t level it!
And I don’t buy boosts so that’s not an option for me either! They are far too expensive! Like I mean 500 dino bucks for each…that is $7.99 Australian dollars for EACH boost. I may not be poor but I can’t afford to drop $16 a day on a game, I’m a single parent, other things take priority in terms of where my money goes!

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