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Thor in 2.0

I’m pretty disappointed Thor got needlessly nerfed in 2.0 to be honest… Now I know, it MAY be good in the raids, but in every other aspect of the game it’s new design is questionable, to put it mildly

  1. Two absolutely identical skills (again, outside of raids) and it just doesn’t matter which one you use
  2. Fierce Strike which for some reason cleanses his Vulnerable… when Thor is immune to Vulnerable anyway?
  3. Swap prevention which in turn is useless in raids… on a creature redesigned for raids?

I find it quite confusing, where is Ludia going with the new Thor? Can it probably cleanse something else, not the status effect it’s immune to? Why nerf a dino which was somewhat balanced and a good counter to bulky tanks?..


It is pretty good in raids. Throw a MF and a group takedown and everything will take that painful hit

@Ned valid point here to raise to the team. Why does Thor have cleanse vulnerable (self) when it is 100% resistant to vulnerable attacks?

I also only just noticed there is no longer a 2x attack, didn’t pick up on that in the release notes.


The unfortunate part about about these Thor nerfs is that now Allosino is better for PvP than Thor is. Allosino has higher health, attack, speed (by 1), and armor, with almost the same moveset.


Allosino was actually already just as good as, if not better than Thor was in PvP. Pre-2.0, I’d have taken Allosino over Thor any day.
That extra bulkiness allowed it to come out on top in situations where Thor wouldn’t even get to use that DSR.


It’s not strictly better, as it has only 20% crit chance, Armor Piercing Impact does not go through shields (of which there are many now) and has no immunities, but still, the line between Thor and Allosino is pretty blurred now.


Lol, I never noticed the vulnerable thing before. They really did just slap this thing together, didn’t they?


There is a purpose behind it. Vulnerability is a debuff used almost exclusively by Resilient creatures, which fierce creatures like Thor are supposed to counter.

Not all fierce creatures are Immune to Vulnerability, so the fierce moves make up for that.


Yeah that makes sense, but since Thor is immune to vulnerable already, when would it ever need to cleanse itself of vulnerability? I agree that it is absolutely useful for fierce creatures to have, but it is wasted on Thor specifically. All it needs is defense shattering strike, because that’s all fierce strike will ever be on it. It’s like the devs just slapped it on it without asking “will this actually do anything?”. Makes the whole thing look like it had very little thought put into it, although I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say that it probably wasn’t.


I forgot to mention that it removes Taunt. So it does make sense.


That’s true. I forgot about raids since I haven’t used it in one yet.

Yeah I’m starting to realise all the things that make sense are for Raids, and when it doesn’t make sense it’s for the arena.


There is one thing that’s for neither. Swap-in Invincibility adds Taunt. You can’t swap in Raids, but Ludia did sort of hint at something coming up in the future.

I have to disagree. This just shows how incoherent Ludia’s approach is when it comes to (re)designing the creatures for 2.0. Slap a “creature type” skill on it and call it a day. This could have been something valuable for Thor and UNIQUE (as in… you know, a Unique tier creature) but instead it is utterly useless, because somehow having a creature type is more important than having a better creature design.


I’m pretty sure it’s the only Unique with that move. That makes it very good in raids. I’d say it’s just a case of not putting PvP first.

By “that” you mean Fierce Strike ? Why would anyone prefer to use Fierce Strike in raids instead of any of the Impacts? :thinking:

Oh, you’re talking about the basic move. Aren’t basic moves usually underwhelming anyway?

Its not that fierce strike is underwhelming, its that its pointless (on thor specifically, not in other cases). I actually looked and defense shattering moves also remove taunt now. So the only difference is that fierce strike cleanses vulnerability. Which thor is already immune to. So yeah, it shows how incoherent their design philosophy was here.

Also, basic attacks don’t have to be underwhelming (cautious strike, resilient strike, superiority strike, superior vulnerability)


They don’t have to be, but they usually are. No one complains about Tryko or Magna’s basic moves.


Ludia have taken a lot from Thor, they could have given him some compensation in his first attack and make it usable somehow. I’m not talking a CS level usability, of course, but… something.

What’s wrong with keeping the old Impact/Rampage combo and just making Defense Shattering Impact -> Group Shattering Impact ? They are the exact same skill in PvP, tournaments and campaign after all. A much more elegant solution…