Thor & Indo Gatekeeping

The Aviary is an actual cesspool of two Uniques that are made from 1 easily obtainable Epic (that is also now a Raid reward to top it off) and 2 COMMONS. Any time I see this fact brought up, there are players that try to convince you that these creatures “are not that good” and maybe they aren’t in a higher arena where creatures are more equally leveled and boosts are more available to be evenly distributed, but down here, the counters that are always referenced are outmatched by sheer brute force via fully leveled and highly boosted crutch monsters. It’s frustrating and discouraging that you have to grind so hard just to stay where you are, while Thor and Indo cattle ranchers sit back and run through teams.


Maybe it’s just me, but I have no issue with these two, and I’m also in aviary. I’m able to counter both of them, Thor with Spyx and Erlidom, and Indo with pretty much any resilient. The fact that these two are common in Aviary but disappear in higher arenas sounds perfect for a relatively easy to make unique. Boosted monsters aren’t fun, of course, but I get the same feeling when I face a boosted Monolometerodon, Indominus, Maxima, etc.


For how long have you played the game?

I made an Erlidom just for Thors and I get blasted through my Cloak 75% of the time. And the other times I still may not make it because it will always get two shots on me due to that instant charge. Erlikosaurus is not easy to find for me, so my level 22 Erlidom is still no match for level 28-30 boosted Thors.


Since April

technically indo requires 1 common and 1 epic

Well 2x that common is what I meant.

I’ll give you that cloak is nowhere near as reliable as it needs to be, but it does work against lesser thors

I think that the remaining 25% that Cloak’s evasion should fail should not be a direct hit. At least make it dodge 34% of the damage or SOMETHING. It’s not like shields have a chance for failing or instant charge has a chance to not be priority. Hate that.


I respect your passion for the game!

The game have many great components.

When coming to the part of battling, the game is nearly useless. And Ludia haven’t cared for this since beginning of 2019.

I’m sorry to say that.

Trying to climb in rank is just a matter of paying more. There are no battles that are equal in strenght and they just want players to have fiercy opponents (more boosts and harder competitors)

I wish as you, it was possible to have larger variation and better battles.


Thank you! I’ve sort of learned over time that it’s safest to invest in uniques, but since we are subject to an ever-shifting meta, I’m also sticking to my favorites by creature design and play style. I just can’t stand the monotony of dealing with the same problem in the arena and not being able to do much about it but grind and at such a slower pace than the abusers of these personally despised creatures.

For instance, I would LOVE to have a Utarinex, but I’m not going to grind Dracorex for months to get a level 21 one that will get thrashed until at team level and by then the meta may have changed again.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Yes, the monotony is something to learn how to handle with the gaming.

95% of all players are forced in the same direction – this is why all battles are nearly the same.

To take the risk of going in the opposite direction, could later cause that the selection of personal dinos become the target of nerfing.

This is probably why a majority is taking the same direction and same risk.

Lesson lerned, I don’t level anything above level 21 any longer. I stay in low arena, and enjoy different playing. The dinos are still fun and trying different tactics is even more fun then playing for winning in the upper leagues :smiley:

I hope you will get what you want with your gaming.


I can most definitely respect this outlook and mindset. I think a little gnawing issue for me is the aesthetics too though. I’m sick of the Aviary backdrop. I wanna be in the depot or on the beach!


You hit on a really good point here. I remember a while back they changed dodge so that dodged attacks always did some damage, so it makes sense that it should always block some damage too to retain consistency. Like it could be 75% chance to dodge 66.6% of damage, and a 25% chance to dodge 33.4% of damage. I would apply this to all non-100% dodge attacks. With how easy it is to remove dodge now, I think it would be fair.


I counter them with my indom but to be fair it has 127 speed and more attack than a level 30 indom so boosts made it a monster.

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I agree indo is op i use a lvl 24 in aviary with 18 boosts and a lvl 22 thor (23 if I want but 70000 coin is a lot) but only in Lockwood manor and aviary is indo op and thor just isn’t op good how about monolometridon he has resistance to too many things can nullify can also do a lot of dmg and distract

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