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THOR is way to easy to get! Make it harder!

Last 2 weeks I have seen a huge increase of THOR playing in the arena.

This is a big misstake! THOR is to easy to produce and to powerful in the arenas!

This need not a nerf, but I would strongley advice to make Tarbo a park exclusive dino (again) !

When players will have a uniqe dino who can slay a whole team alone, it’s a big problem in arenas!

Do you agree about this or not?


Well they just had an event centered around Thor so idk why you’re so surprised…


Wasn’t tarbo everywhere just because of the hybrid pursuit?

I can take down Thor easily with my Utasino, Indoraptor, Utarinex, Indominous (only when Cloak works); so not really complaining

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No, DON’T make it harder to get! My Tarbo is almost level 20!! D:


It can be taken down by any bleed, stunning, or distracting dino. Just got mine to 24 and love it’s raw power, but it isn’t OP by any means. There are plenty of counters to it. Also, We don’t need any more dinos locked in a park.


Thor is actually hard enough to create/level thanks to Sino. Pretty much the rarest spawn of all the epics.


I’m still struggling to get Thor, so I don’t want to have it become any harder!!!


I can totally confirm this about Sino. I live in local 1 and rarely see the dang thing outside of events. Usually, when I see a local 1 epic, it’s Concavenator.



Another I can’t handle Dino x thread :expressionless: what Dino’s can ppl handle!? …


When a THOR level 22 can solo a Stegodeus on level 27 I think something is wrong.

There are only a handful of dinos who have attributes to take care of THOR.

If you play something without those dinos who have distraction or bleed. It’s actually hard to meet this dino.

Thor is specifically designed to be a tank buster. So it is the perfect counter to Stegod and therefore a “bad” matchup if you are the Stegod (good matchup for the Thor user).

That being said, pretty much every dino in the game has a counter. You may not always get that counter in your lineup, but if you run a balanced team you have a better chance. There are plenty of dinos with distract, stun, and bleed abilities and they just release a bunch of new ones that can also do the job. You just have to know what to bring out against it.


The Tarbo is this week the event, but I see around 20-40 Tarbo everyday. Some months ago, it was locked at the park.

I think it’s wrong to have this common everywhere compared to Dilopo Gen 2, a common you can’t find to create a legendary.

In my option it should be easier to get the legendary material. Not opposit.

Thanks for replay.

In the arena at 4300 I use my THOR lvl 23. Opponents seems to always have problem with this dino, I take mostley 2 or 2 1/2 dinos before it’s killed.

Same it is when I don’t have THOR.

I think it’s to powerful when players struggle with its raw power.

I love it, and after this weeks event I will have it at level 25. But, it’s to easy to level up compared with other uniqes.

I would have to disagree with the ease of leveling it. While we have had a bunch of Sino events lately, you still have to get good fuses on Allosino to be able to use that DNA effectively. So a bad run of 10’s on fuses on Allosino can eat up 500 Sino DNA pretty quickly.


Considering I just made it last week I dont think it’s easy to make. If I hadn’t leveled up my utarinex to 28 maybe.

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Well it’s not to easy coz you need a lot of sino…I think you got Thor and just want to make it harder to get coz you already have it…


Think of all the people not picking the golden chicken this weekend.

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