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THOR is way to easy to get! Make it harder!

Can we PLEASE not nerf any more spawns and/or dinosaurs? It seems like every time a strong dinosaur comes out people start crying for nerfs. ALL dinosaurs have counters! Learn to use them.

My Thor is level 25 and I don’t think I’ve wiped out entire teams with him. In fact he doesn’t have the HP to use as a starter, so I can’t see him being a game-breaker.


My experience has been that Tenrex is easier to make then Thor is.

I am seeing a lot more Dilopho G2 then I was a few weeks ago when they were unicorns. I live with tenonto so see it fairly often as well.

I also cant even check my mail without tripping over a Rex G2 as of late. These things are almost a common rarity now, at least for me.

Its really no easier to make then indoraptor… and with rex in dailys indoraptor is easier to make.

The only reason why thor is easy is cause we have sino in our weekly dinos once a month… lets just stop having sino as event dinos and see how easy it is for people to level them? Oh to late more sino this week.

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I’m all for more sino. Everyone should have a chance at making the dinos, not just the spoofers.


If you put a tank against a tank-buster …

*Overleveled Thor’s are a product of the billion sino events we’ve had (including the one going on now). Once this passes, it’ll be much harder to level. Enjoy it while it lasts.


You are wrong, it is not easy to make or level up. Ludia gave us several events to get sino DNA and that’s why we are able to create it - same case could be made for Indoraptor. Outside those events it’s pretty hard to find wild Sino or Dilopho to make it. Tarbo is common, but it takes ages to collect enough DNA for one single fuse (for 10 Thor’s DNA).


Why aren’t you glad that we have at least something that’s not extremely hard to create? Every unique, EVERY single one except indoraptor is almost impossible to get…

Really this is my problem with this game, I have been playing since the beginning and only now after months and months do I have a slight chance of creating a 2nd unique…

Yes, those who pay for the game should have it easier, but playing higher levels for free shouldn’t be borderline impossible!

And you say it’s too easy, that’s just insane, sorry, don’t mean to be rude, but c’mon…


I agree but the whole this is to easy to make that this thread is based on is only a matter cause of the amount of times sino is in the events. Without those events its a non factor…

That and the whole countering thor with a stegodues

Here here! I never see Sino outside of events and even then rarely.


Thor is only easy if you can acquire the sinos :smile: and many see this pudgy green fella as quite the rare unicorn.

Large influx of thor users could possibly be from the recent thor event? :man_shrugging:t3:


Sinos are actually pretty hard to dart too!
They may look jolly but they know how to move :sweat_smile:


Stegosaurus level 1 is an easy snack. :wink:


Not far off a mass fusing session :hammer::zap:

@Hersh I do love southpark :joy::joy:


Lol ikr! Managed to get it the 1st week.

I confess that I’m coveting your many thousands of Sino DNA😂

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Haha atleast 3 weeks of saving. Going for 50 consecutive Thor fuses tomorrow. May post a video but may bore everyone to death. :grimacing:


How did you find that many Sinos?! I live in local 1, and most of the DNA I have for it I got from events. Tell me your secrets!!

I also live in L1 and theres a nest spawn outside my house, that and hybrid persuit week helped alot! And I may have used a few scents too :roll_eyes:

Well if your local 1 isnt producing Sinos your first priority should be to find another local 1…

The biggest mistake I see people on these boards making is the idea that all locals are equal but my playing has proven otherwise to me.

My home l1 i get a sino a week and lots of megla for rares… another l1 about 12 miles away produces 4-5 sinos a week and lots of diloph for rares… atleast as far as 1.5 spawns are concerned.

Well, my Local 1 SUCKS, then!! I get mostly Concavenator for epics… I do see quite a lot of Dimetrodon and Dilophosaurus, tough!!