Thor It’s quite boring

in almost every match there is a thorandolosaurus very fast and with an attack from 1900-2200 or over. It’s quite boring battle with it and sistematically lose. It’s like the dracoceratops few months ago. Why everybody complains about the green chicken and not about this pest?


My solution to this is (gonna be) carnotarkus when I get it to team level… and my phorusaura. At least I do some damage then send in the phorusaura and that usually takes care of it for me. When I don’t get phoru, I use yoshi or indo g2

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Because Thor isn’t actually that good…
It’s the absurd amount of boosts that make it a pest.


boosts make everything a pest. (except for dimorphodon/suchomimus) lol


Cause thats much more of a boost problem than the creature for unique and chompers in general Thor is on the weaker side it’s good but not great due to low health and meh speed only thing that make it worth running is crit Chance and instant charge

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I’d delete Thor if I could. I despise seeing it in every match back to back.

But really it just gets abused because of speed boosts. If boosts didn’t exist you’d see it a lot less.


Boosts are your problem. Thor himself is rather weak for a unique. He’s one of the weakest High Apexes


Thor is pitifully easy to counter, so people load it up on boosts.


Boosted Thor is the most complained about dino for good reason. It’s one of the easiest Uniques to complete and level, it has powerful stats, it’s massively abused. It is now the most boring dino in the game. I’m sorry for the rant but I’m worn and tired.