Thor: level 22 or not?

Should I improve Thor and get him to level 22?

Today I used it in the Epic Event and he beat another Thor 3 levels up!! (I just used him and Thyla)

I would love to upgrade it … but I don’t have much money :neutral_face:

In your opinion, should I upload it? :thinking:

I just spent 80,000 to get mine to 24 I think he’s worth it (with boosts :shushing_face:)


Do you run utarinex? If not its an easier decision to make in terms of the long game, since you can focus the sino dna on lvling up thor.

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I don’t have and I don’t think I’ll ever be on my team :neutral_face:

In the arenas where I battle, bouncing btw library and gryro, I can safely say I see more thors(boosted of course) than rinex. So well make your own conclusions :wink:

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Thor is okay, I’ve been using him on my team for some time. It’s very vulnerable to distractions though, I’m planning to drop him out soon for Ardentis

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I love Thor, he may not be great, but just having a big damage dealer is worth it on my team.