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Thor level 27 or Utranix level 26?


I need suggestion. I just leveled my Thor to 26 and my Utranix is level 25 … have 4K+ Sino DNA left, should I go for Utranix level 26 too or not?

I am using both in the team and currently around 5200 trophies region.


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Id go Thor, the health helps him alot more than Utar IMO who is still good at 25. :slight_smile: Thats what ive done anyways!

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I played around last night with different dinos in rinex’s spot and did better without him which I didn’t think possible. The nerf made more of a difference than I thought it would. I’m almost to 27 with thor with no regrets :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for feedback guys, I will go with Thor (need to get now all those Tarbo DNA).

Btw can you suggest whom to replace with my Utranix level 25?

I these benched got 26 Tryo, 26 Stegod, 25 Tentorex and other low level Uniques. (Tryo and Tentorex are ready to reached mentioned levels but I didn’t pressed evolve button yet).

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I’m a Tryo fan and mine is also a 26.

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Who would think rinex would ever need to be benched, it’s a bummer…


To me Utranix is still good, have better speed than many. Though I think that its good he got a bit of nerf as he was too OP before.

Tentorex could replace it. Im keeping my Utarinex, faced a few 28+ and it is hard to bring down. Once my Thor is 30 il continue leveling it.

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Rinex takes down thor and i save him for that match up as the swap out helps for who ever i fave next. Erlidom helps too!

Maybe getting rinex to a 26 is the answer. Draco is tough to get though.

I can level 26 my Utrainex … Got enough ingredients …

Back to your original question…a 26 Thor does very well imo, you have plenty for rinex to level and a shortage of tarbo. Rinex can’t be benched, it just isn’t right so if it were me I would put current resources into the little guy.

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I would honestly keep Utarinex. Think its versitile enough to stay. Ive toyed with dropping it but it still does alot of damage and has really nice health for a raptor hybrid. Not to mention IC!

What im currently running.


I was 50 away and 300ish Sino from the tower today helped this happen :grin: now I can work on rinex, desperately need draco though


I did level 26 my utranex today. Still have 4K+ Sino I think … so I can look for Thor 27 as soon as I get Tarbo



Wish I could share my surplus of tarbo :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thor is better than utarinex rn

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Thor is now level 27, but I don’t feel like going any further unless I get Trabo DNA somehow. Really troublesome doing 6+ Tarbo darting for almost 10 DNA fuse on Thor :frowning:

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My Thor is level 27, so last weekend I used all 5 attempts on Utasinoraptor and unlocked Utarinex. I’m always looking for something to replace the level 29 Allosaurus that I still have on my team, but nothing I have created lately comes close to the tankiness and damage output of that dino (except Thor of course).

Since I need to take a break from leveling Thor in order to level Utarinex I guess I’ll be spending a lot of time in the huge L3 area that starts about half a mile from home. Might as well make that Allosaurus level 30, as it’s going to take months to level Utarinex enough to put on my team.


At the moment meta Utasinoraptor level 27 beats both… :wink: