Thor needs a weakness **RANT**

The very existence of how this stupid thing is set up flies in the face of any kind of “class” system that Ludia pretends to hold. Fierce should not be able to cleanse… where does stun resistance come from? Why resistant to DoT? Why any resistances? I know this is one of the favorite boost babies of all time, but c’mon.Oh, and it’s crit is still in practice higher than 30%… the ones I face tend to hit at least 2 out of 3 or more.

If anyone thinks “meh, it’s still easy to beat” let me know… what’s the trick other than relying on RNG - which Ludia at one point said they were going to try and minimize in the game. Seems that went right out the window along with the class system.

Might as well remove the delays on rampage and stun and give the group cleansing move NO cool down. Because that seems to make perfect sense… :roll_eyes:


It has. It’s called doge


It’s not really thor has a weakeness it’s just how common it is, if you did the pass then you have unlocked thor and that leads to people having thor as their VERY FIRST HYBRID and killing everything in their arena


I think CGD needs a cooldown of 2 since cleansing impact has 2


That would ruin it for raids.


Then just give it back Group Shattering Impact


Thor is pretty much on every team I play against in upper Avairy. That should say something. If then every low player has gotten Thor from the pass, this just makes for everyone needing to run a Thor to counter everyone else’s Thors.

This is how the upper arena’s work. Everyone has to have the latest OP meta to counter the OP meta and everyone plays much the same teams against the same teams.

Ludia just makes the game less fun. If they lose money in the long run, it’s because they put out a pass for a quick buck now. Players get frustrated and quietly quit playing.

The thing is, I don’t even play Thor in PvP on any of my accounts. I only use them for raids. I still win 50/50.


I think ludia should make a raid move set and pvp moveset for every creature. For example iguanodon can heal in raids and have stun in pvp

How? Thor usually has to wait 2 turns before using group impact anyways so that your other group attacker can get their attacks off cooldown. The only strat this changes are the super fast 2 turn per round strats, but those existed before thor got GSI back

Umm, no? It uses it turn one in pretty much every raid strategy. Even those that are more than two turns per round. Giving it a two turn cool down would ruin a ton of the quick strats.

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I meant after using it T1. Thor usually waits another two turns so gemini or maxima or whatever gets it’s group attack back. Quick strats become a lot less intuitive but there were quite a bit of 6 turn strats back when thor had group shattering rampage so it isn’t a major issue

There are very few raids that use Maxima, Gem, and even Skoona now. While they are out there. Most people try the quickest strats now, since they can go on for so long.

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The problem with dodge is that not only will the dino still take a chunk of damage, it’s followed up by an Instant Charge, which often results in a stun and a full 1x damage. Plus, not all dodges are 100% guaranteed - some are less, so it can go right through it regardless. The only one I’ve found that’s capable of taking out Thor for certain is my Poukandactylus, and I understand that not many people will have that on their team.

Either the cleansing move should have a 2 turn delay, or it returns to Group Shattering Impact (which would be the preferred course of action, given this thing is arguably better than Apex Morty right now).


maybe make all of thors move group attacks xD except for the charge, then its cleasing move can have 2 cooldown


wow a creature that had several buff requests and now receives requests for them to have weaknesses xD

Here’s an idea. Just update Group Cleansing Destroyer so that it only cleanses DoT, Speed Deceleration, and Vulnerability, not Distraction.


Oh yeah, the forums have been on fire with people asking for a Thor buff…:roll_eyes:

Thor has its weaknesses. It gets destroyed by dodge. Loses to the 3 towers as well. Without its group impact, it gets eaten by Cunnings like Ref, Spyx, etc

That’s how this game works…there’s never “just right” with Ludia.

Ah Yes, have three resilients take down a fierce. Also, the only viable cunning counter shouldn’t be a rarity above it, especially one that takes months to create, rather than one people can unlock in 2 weeks.

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