Thor needs a weakness **RANT**

There are cunnings that beat it of the same rarity. Erlikospyx, Poukandactylus, Scorpg3

Eliko is based purely on mindgames. In some popular boost builds, Thor can OHKO Erliko.

Scorp is down to both luck and mindgames, Thor can still beat it, since the dodge isn’t 100%.

Poukan is the only one that can beat it almost 100% of the time.


I 100% agree here. We were just talking about thor without its cleansing impact ready, on cooldown

As a fierce it shouldn’t invalidate cunnings that lack dodge abilities like spyx and dracocerato.

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dodge is unreliable for players like me, and i dont have the resources to build poukan.

rinex wins unboosted if she crits. if not then its a loss.


No matter what everybody says, we are now stuck with a Fierce with a cleansing move… When this happened with Mortem, 90% of the people complained it was OP and that was because only 10% of the people had one fully boosted back then. Ludia listened to them and finally removed the cleansing move (which was way less powerful that what they gave Thor BTW).

Now though, it’s a totally other story, since nearly 100% of the players have a fully levelled Thor already. So basically only a few people will complain about it, because so many often use it (or could…). So, yes, the move is OP, yes Thor is too easy to fusion, yes the pass added to the problem. But with nobody complaining, trust me, we have to live with it now! Even if a handful of players complaint about the fact that adding a cleansing move to a fierce was bad (and already proven with Mortem!)


I use thor and think it’s ridiculous it has a cleansing move. Mine isn’t heavily boosted so people can take it out relatively easy if they have heavily boosted cunning.

Just delay the cleanse ability until after the attack?


That Will effect the Raid Strat, just remove the clease

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I would say to just put Thor back to the way it was. If they want it to have a cleansing move, put it on its basic attack.


I have never levelled Thor and while I agree it is a nonsense to have the cleansing move on a fierce it isn’t the biggest problem right now

Thor has a weakness. It can still be distracted and stunned

Except it can cleanse distraction and stun is just as unreliable as dodge.

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Those who complain about Thor are too low in the arena. Above, it does not cause problems. Few people use it. He’s easy to kill. Look at your team and decide who you don’t have enough to kill Thor. It’s simple.
Thor was very weak and is now normal. He doesn’t need a nerf.

Too low for what exactly? To have their opinions matter? Too low to have paid enough cash to be relevant? Too low that they’re just a bunch of f2p plebs? Enlighten me.

I would hazard a guess that there are far more players at 4000-5500 where Thor is ubiquitous (that means everywhere) than there are at 5501 and up…


Thor is still not usable higher up,i have only ever seen one Thor after they buff and my Alberto killed it pretty easily

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Which alberto? Spino, cevia or the rare?

Well, I doubt it was the rare, Thor has 75% dot so most likely notspinos.

So albertocevia, who is op thus saying it wins against thor is pointless.