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Thor or utarinex ? Which is better

Thor or utarinex ? Which is better

No… before this starts: no, just no

We are not calling Thoradolosaur “thordor.”
It’s Thor


Utarinex is better and also more unique. You can use tenontorex and tryko to fill thors role.


This. I can’t see your team but in a vacuum Rinex is more necessary

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besides the fact that if thor and rinex get their stuns in with ic, no crits involved, a thor can kill a level 30 deus in 3 moves and rinex would have to use a 4th move.

In my opinion, Utarinex is the 2nd best dinosaur in the game right now. Thor is a novelty in comparison


Also this. But the second is pretty arguable however Tryko isn’t in that discussion.

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My team, currently stuck at 4100-4400.

I want Utarinex, but my Dracorex is far off, only at level 15 and no DNA. I need not only one, but at least two Dracorex events for Utarinex. I may have enough of all the other resources to create either Utarinex or Thor.

I could use a level 20 Utasino to replace level 20 Pyrritator on my team. I could also use a big chomper, have none.

Should I

  1. Go for Thor
  2. Level Utasino and just wait for Dracorex events
  3. Prioritize coins on something else

I was stuck in the same situation. I lost patience waiting for rinex materials and went for Thor. Until I got a bunch of 10’s fusing him, needing 2k Tarbo for each roll it took me a lot of work. Finally got him today,woot.

Would I rather have a rinex, yes. But Thor does do some nice damage.