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Thor or Utasinoraptor


Currently i have Thor at lvl 21 and Utasino at lvl 17. I got around 300 Sino DNA and current 400 inflow from Alliance mission every week.

Would it be wise to lvl up Thor higher and be competitive
Focus on Utasino and rise it to lvl 20 and prep for Utarinex

Currently my team is :
Suchotator & Draceratops @ lvl 24
Indoraptor & Tragodist @ lvl 23
Thor, Erlidom, Tryko, Spintosuchus @ lvl 21


Keep Thor.


I went for Thor over Utarinex and haven’t looked back


I’ve got both. Both are great


Thor is better against Tryko.


Work on Thor you will be better served picking 1 and getting it to higher level rather than spliting up your Sino on 2 avenues. Rinex can come later if at all. Top teams are starting to bench Rinex, Still a good dino as it is very versitile. But with Erlidom and Magna straring to reach team levels Rinex or Indo seem to be the first to the bench.


When Thor came out, I never looked back since.

Get him up first then after that you can decide if you wanna level up Utarinex or it’s mama. :wink:



Both, actually, but Thor.


Both are on my team and will be for the long haul.


I chose the sledgehammer over the pick-axe.


Thanks for the feedback everyone. Everyone has unanimously voted for Thor. So I will focus on leveling Thor up :+1:

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Thor forever! Always. I might be biased.


Honestly? I love both! I wasn’t using a speedy+debuff dino so Utahsinoraptor has been a great fit into my team… but once it started to require 500 DNA to evolve, I shifted my Sino dna towards Thor… and I was NOT disappointed. I didn’t think it would be such a step from Allosino 20 to Thor 21, but damn.


No Thor. Totally un- reliable!!!
I wrote a post.
If I could go back, I would NOT create Thor!!!


I am level 10. My team:
21 Tyrko
17 allosino
16 indominus rex
17 draccocera
17 sucho
15 sino
15 kentro
13 procerathomimus.

I am fusing tragod now and I will replace him with kentro.
I want to replace sino also. He is not performing well at 3300 trophies :smiley: I was thinking of creating utasinoraptor.

Shoul I create utasino and level both allo and utasino to 20 and then go for 1 unique or I just go for thor and not create utasino at all?


Actually leveled my utahsino up to 24 and its amazing used right it destroys Thor quite easy :blush: level 27 one went down easy and I’ve just destroyed a level 28 one.

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