Thor question

So I currently have a utahsinoraptor at 21 and a level 16 dracorex. I currently do not have allosino because I went the raptor route. Is it worth now swapping my sino dna over to building Thor or should I just push to Utarinex. I have attached a picture of my squad. Any and all opinions welcomed! Thanks in advance!

I’m in the same boat as you bud. My utahsino is a little higher and I didn’t bother to make allosino until yesterday :joy:.

So I think your big question is … which is better:
Utarinex or Thor. (Correct me if I’m wrong)

I think utarinex is a more diverse Dino and probably one of the best in the game.
Thor however, is relatively much easier to make and level up.

Unfortunately with the noticeable spawn nerf and as dinos get diluted every time the “dinodex” it’ll be harder to level both.

I’m going to make Thor, forgo utarinex and continue to level up utahsino

There just isn’t enough sino for 2 uniques or even Utah for a utahsino/utarinex and also spinotasuchus

It seems that you need some defense shattering dinos in team. From that point of view Thor would be great addition, but you need to think if it’s worth.
I’m thinking going after Thor when I lvl up my Utahsino till lvl 20 or 21.

Thor fusing takes 2k tarbo a shot.

Utahrinex is for the most part a better dino however as has been stated splitting utah betwern utarinex and spinotah can be an issue.

Apex predator scents that have been data mine give allo and tarbo as commons… so lots of dna for thor means sino is your only restriction to leveling thor and there is most likely more sino for xmas.

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