Thor Rebalance

As many of us know very well, Thor’s new Cleansing Group Destroyer has wrecked the arenas even further than before. Hence, I would like to suggest these changes mentioned below to make it more balanced, especially for the lower arenas.

Firstly, Thor’s Cleansing Group Destroyer. There is a major problem with this move which is that cunning’s without dodge can get destroyed by it, which is why I would suggest that this would be changed to Definite Group Destroyer, which would instead of Cleansing remove Dodge, and not pierce armor but still destroy Shields.

Furthermore, it’s Resistances. These really do not match Thoradolosaur’s class allocation, and I would suggest to remove the DOT and Swap Prevention resistance more befitting for a Cunning creature. In exchange for this, it would receive a full Speed Decrease and Vulnerability resistance characteristic to the Fierce class.

Thor also really needs some armor. This rework of mine would also have 15% armor to help it survive more hits.

Please tell me what you think of these changes and if ludia were to implement this into there game, how would the meta shift?

That really makes him more overpowered than before.

Oh… in what way though?

Y know what maybe Definite Group Destroyer should have coolen 1 Delay 1

You can’t dodge the hits, you cant use flocks on it, you cant slow down 140 speed boost monsters, and in addition to that it has armor which makes him even harder to kill by cunnings. Sure, you can use distraction, but its still gonna deal a lot of damage with FR + IC

In my opinion, just removing this Clean in Move ability should be fine. In many raid strategies that use Indo G2 / Entelo, Thor’s Clean ability is unnecessary. Removing this ability will give Thor more balance as cunning creatures or swarms will increase survivability and be able to defeat Thor. I disagree with the idea of ​​just removing the shield without removing the armor as that would make many strategies for multiple raids unworkable.

A speed immunity Thor with the ability to remove cloak?

No thanks.


You think that’s the broken Tarbo hybrid. You ever see Tarbognathus?

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Yes. It’s a lot easier to kill and each flock member has incredibly Low individual health which means that each one of them is an instant kill which isn’t very good in my opinion, it needs a lot more bulk like Compsognathus and group attacks destroy iy

Tarbognathus is far better. It’s got trapping abilities, more bulk, and can swap in too. Thor got better, but Tarbo is still the better hybrid