Thor replaces...who?


Indom is very good vs rinex and dilo. Even vs monomimus and monostegotops. But its so so bad vs trago and stego. I feel like my team is still weak to those.

Tryo, on the other hand, does very well vs trago and decently vs stego. But is so bad vs rinex and dilo.

Where is the bigger hole?

Personally, I am thinking against the tanks. But I dont know that thor is good vs trago.

Im leaning toward replacing indom to make room for thor. Or even monomimus.

Looking for opinions, as i should have thor this weekend. I feel I have a very balanced team that works well together and I dont want to disrupt that.



Indom. Continuing to level Indom is also going to cost you Indo and Erlidom(if you end up leveling it) DNA.

Edit: I’d be tempted to drop Monomi for Tragod tbh. But I’m biased, not a huge fan of the relying on RNG(Indom/Monomi, and Indo to a lesser extent).


to me its either thor or rinex… choose one and proceed. simce rinex is so much like diloracherius imo. thor is a suicide runner. i throw him out to start and he does what it can survive for. sends indo running… spinotasuchus… common starter combatant


I’d personally drop Momomimus for Thoradolosaurus.

Oooorrr of you want a nullifier that is good against tanks + Indominus as well, drop Momomimus for Tyrannolophosaurus.


I think Thor would be a great replacement for the green chicken :wink:
send that bird to the coop :rooster:

(For reals tho: monomimus has my vote)


i dont have half the dinos you use on my team, but thats what makes this game great. unique likes. besides my tanks, i dont like to share dna between my team thats why im deciding between thor and rinex.


Monomimus imo.


My only issue with indom is his complete lack of defense shattering. Otherwise hed never come off my team. Good damage, immune, tanky enough. But shields, ugh those shields…

Regarding rng, believe me, Im with you here. I pretty much refuse to use it on mono now. I do use it to my favor though on both indo and indom. Indom is great for beating down monomimus and spino, and his cloak lets him take on dilo and rinex with confidence. As for indo, I pop it for vs stegos. Ditto for vs trykos.


Yeah, I think this one makes the most sense in the current meta and with my team.


I left Monomius behind recently. A well played Thor has very little downside however Monomi is chancy in many situations. I think it makes your team much more stable.


I knew youd say this @Hersh :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Thank you, thats exactly what Im after.


It begins.


You won’t like it at lvl 21/22 but it gets better at lvl 23.


replace more-no-me-must


Have thor at 25 and he is a beast usually, except when no crit or fail stun xd


From your team, I think that only Monomimus is replaceable by a Thor of 21 and even in that case, I’m not sure at all.