Thor rework

Some people are mad that Thor got cleanse,I personally don’t think it’s too hard to kill but people would beg to differ,this is a rework to make Thor less reliant on the impact for raids

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Imagine Thor got a revenge move

Oh wait here’s a another one

What is changed?

Group Defense Shattering Strike

The issue is that it’s a chomper with a cleansing impact that has a 1 TURN COOLDOWN. It now deletes cunnings that don’t have dodge and that just completely messes up the class system, and it was a buff no one asked for nor wanted. Cleanse shouldn’t be on chompers, period.


Even more so, cunnings shouldnt bleed (and take out tanks) & theres at least 2 of those!! The class system move set is becoming more fluid, and increasingly so. The ref ‘nerf’ showed ludia arent particularly interested in rectifying it given they opted for removing the stun rather than the bleed.

Plus they increased the cooldown which only hurts raids. You can just swap out and swap in Ref and boom cooldown is 2 turns and you get a Swap In Distraction on top of that.

I think putting the clean effect on the minimal hit and removing its stun resistance would be enough

I’d say remove the cleanse entirely and remove all bleed, then give it Vulnerability immunity

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So we were just removing his buff, right? The real solution would be to make it purify the effects except those of diversions which would still have an effectiveness

Yeah basically because he doesn’t need a buff. Thor should be a terrible unique due to his ease of access and chompers in general shouldn’t have cleanse at all.

The problem does not come from the buff itself because low lvl players should not unlock it normally and therefore have no cons if it had been another creature Thor could have been managed

You fail to realize the problem of the buff. It destroys cunnings that don’t have dodge now, and even if they do the high damage plus IC means either A: they better have ID,dodge, and stun immunity or B: have a long dodge effect. It was a completely unnecessary buff that came from Jam City’s greed, and it causes issues alright.

I understand but it’s much easier to counter it with dinos that have a dodge but if it’s RNG (This game is 100% RNG) so it’s counterable but not below the aviary where he is the master

Allo G2 and Acro have cleanse

Ever heard of instant charge

He beats what he should be countered by, that’s the issue.

I understand that Thor is too powerful but before complaining let’s wait for the new dinos there may be 100% viable counters I don’t want it to end like Magnus and Hadros

Did I say they were exempt? No. They are an issue, but not as bad as Thor.