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Thor still a problem

I have been playing since the beginning and have really enjoyed the game. Unfortunately, this is not the case any longer due to the introduction of stat boost. How is this ever going to be far this thor is in 3500 trophies before stat boost I was solid 4000 trophies in the arena! Now I am 3500 to 3700 bow after SB starting to hate even battling and playing this once fun and for the most part far game before 1.7 release. Screenshot_20190519-132324|236x500


Thor is not the problem, stat boosts are.


Boost his counters

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You could always invest in something with swap in bleed or dodge or something.

Yep… The fact that there are more Thor complaints than Draco now is an undeniable proof that something is wrong… It will only stop being a problem when you can put at least five or six member of your team over Thor’s speed, or have your own boosted monster selected to counter it (but even then you may get a draco in your face and it’s over anyway)


Makes me miss the old days.

Back in 1.2 all you had to worry about was a raptor eating your face if you didn’t draw your Stego. :wink:

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He is right its SB that are the real problem. Bine out of ten times once I take down Thor they come out with a 17,18 or 19 creature with there 23 thor some of these team have no business having a thor or SB anyway, they didn’t earn them in most cases luida gifted them out like candy.