Thor to powerful

reduse thor strength or speed cuz it stupid that everyone just boosts it and nothing else stands a chance do something about that instead of taking away the only thing that takes it down the draco swap in with armour damage kinda stupid in my opinion


Im kinda confused how the draco change had anything to do with thor considering thor has no armor… on top of that the nerf to critical damage helps draco survive a thor hit.


The game was fine until they added those stupid boosts. All this creates ridiculously unbalanced dinos. Fast dinos don’t have enough HP to kill those monsters with 7000-8000 HP.


Draco nerf had no affect on Thor. Why do people make complaints based on incorrect facts?


Dracotops nerf didn’t affect it’s ability to takedown Thor. And it got it’s damage buffed.


Thor isnt the problem, boosts are. Thor was never this broken before boosts were forced upon us.


Work on creating/boosting some Thor counters to work with your DC instead of relying solely on your DC. Rinex and Dilo are good ones to build because of the distracting attacks and I have a super boosted tryo that works well against thor now because of the critical reduction (I don’t recommend tryo because it would have to be a very high level with a ton of boosts to be useful against thor and even then sometimes that instant charge gets ya)

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The new Dipvenator is an ideal Thor counter.


I haven’t really looked at the moves of the new creatures yet but thats good to know. Ill have to check it out

Three Distractions+counter.


Thor isn’t the problem boosts are. Tryko as comparison hits as harder, has more health, has a counter, has Armour, shield and distract yet its not a problem but Thor is?

If everyone boosted trex or Purru G2 to crazy stats should we nerf Rexy and Pru?

Exactly. There were no complaints of Thor before the boosts came in. In fact, everyone praised it for being able to eat rat. Before boosts, Thor was just a good high apex dino, as it deserves to be as a unique.

I don’t think nerfs and buffs should take boosts into acount. Things even out in the end.

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I faced few Thors today highly boosted that even with distraction the 1.5x attack with critical did 5K+ damage. This is really insane.

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Still takes out whole teams


Nerf hard!

Correction, proceratomimus can take care of that, or a diloranosaurus could also

If we take boosts into consideration when nerfing a dino then we’ll end up with a lot of crappy dinos once it evens out. The arena situation just shows how disastrous the boost+bad matchmaking system combination is. No thor stands a chance against an even leveled utasino, utarinex or magna. With the crit nerf my underleveled(comparatively) utasino can deal with those Thors even if they crit twice. So no, I don’t think nerfing things like that is a solution to the current arena situation.

Only over boosted!