Thor! 🔨⚰


i like it lol. he is still level 21 and lowest on my team but i loooooovvve starting with him. win or lose its exciting haha.


this is head to head. he started with slowing then just died after a series of crits lol.


Welcome to the ‘Emerald’ club! Enjoy your big bites! :grinning:


i love it. i could easily replace it with something more powerfull but he kind of fits in. going to make my decision hard this weekend… invest in him or rinex… see allisinosaurus was my first ever legendary(from legendary inc) so ive always loved the line.


the question is… would i be just as fine just going with allisinosaurus


This weekend’s epics are also gonna be tough for me to decide on… whether to embark on my journey towards Tryko (lvl 18 Ankyntro) or split Sino dna between leveling up Thor to lvl 23 and the remainder towards creating Utarinex.


:man_shrugging: 40% crit is pretty glitchy


something tells me to store up the anky dna or atleast match the kentro i have(1300) but i need to sure up that spot right now. so with no trex around my choice has to be thor or rinex.


so the 40% doesnt work 40% of the time for you?


90 dna away from emerald club myself.



i we ever meet and you use that little thing to take me out i will hunt you down man !!! :joy:


Haha - Piere is a little beast - should be L17 soon which will one shot a L20 Velo :smile: definitely going to be on my epic strike tower squad for the weekend.
If it makes you feel any better I had already lost that battle and that strike was simply to regain some dignity and end it 2-3.


gltichy as in good… like it’s a glitch in the game


I love him, he’s my second unique and although he’s not as flexible as Indo he’s still one of my most dependable.


ugh… level 22 thor is trolling me now.


@Krystalheart how about that Thor encounter :blush:


Sup y’all :sunglasses:




noice!! enjoy laying down the hammer haha.