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Thor! 🔨⚰


lol just noticed the hammer


Yay! Team emerald!


I just joined the club today myself! Should be level 22 tomorrow with a some good turbo catches and Thor fuses!


I am also trying to get get it but 5 times I have got 10. So I think it’s gonna take a while


Thor is great! I look forward to making him soon! :slight_smile:


I put 80 DNA into fusing him, but then decided to level up my Allosinosaurus instead. He’s on my team and I love the armor and instant charge. Any dinosaur on my team has priority when it comes to leveling.


I unlocked Thor today, so I replaced my Gorgosuchus with him. Gorgo has 3266 health and 1234 damage at level 24. Thor has 3291 health, 1285 damage, and better moves, even at level 21!

The exception is Gorgo’s Cleansing Impact move, which is absent in Thor and would be a great counter to bleeders.


and speed. ive never tried to put gorgo on my team so i cant give an honest opinion. you definately will get more use out of thor at 23 and up though. its a great dino and when it crits it makes it so worth it lol.


i used to start with it alot but people have learned how to fight it now so ill sneak it in spot 2 or 3 depending on how the match is going. it can really demolish a team if they cant counter it. ie stego or rinex… anything with slow and thagomizer.


I did 1 battle with him right after I unlocked him. I used him the same way I used to use Gorgo, which is to bring him in later on in the last part of the battle. I won, but he’s my lowest-leveled team member so I can’t wait to see how he performs at 23 (same level as my Allosinosaurus, which is still on my team).


im hoping it gets an armor buff. that would really set him apart from allison.


Yes, I am still hoping too.

Just got mine to lvl 23 with 2 lucky fuses (20 and 70… nearly fell off my chair). :blush:


Don Dada is 26 now!


BEAST!! i need 2k coins and ill get mine to 24