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Thoradolasaur Crit is basically 99% in higher arenas

Yet again, its hard to argue with the fact that Ludia is manipulating the RNG, or should i say NSRNG (not so random number generator)… here is what ive noticed, certain dinos perform differently depending on the match up or the arena. For instance, my level 24 erlidominus is supposed to have a 50% chance of evasion when it cloaks, and while that might be true, i tested it out in the lower arenas during some of the strike events. I can tell you that in over 20 instances the cloak only worked once in the low arenas. Of course I didn’t mind due to the fact that the lower level dinos really did minimal damage. I believe that the same thing is happening with Thoradolosaur. It boasts a 40% chance to go crit, though in reality its closer to 90% in the aviary. My guess is that in the lower arenas this dino would probably crit much lower thus balancing out the advertised 40% AVERAGE. To put that prospective, my lvl 24 utahsino is susposed to go crit 45% of the time which increase crit chance, but it only works about 1 out of 5 times. This may also explain why many gamers have noticed that the 75% stun does not work as advertised, while a select few claim it works all the time, because it depends on the situation, so a 50% cloak may work 25% in some arenas and 75% in others. But going back to thoradolasaur, its hard to argue with the frequency of crits (anyone in the higher arenas will tell you) and its really unfair to claim 40% as an average since you really only see uniques in the high arenas unless someone deliberately tanks, and even then they probably wont fall lower than the lockwood estate. My suspicion is that ludia will drop this percentage in the next meta. They did this with monomimus. If you recall, csf came in 3rd place during the first tournament, and in an interview with metahub he mentioned that he faced a challenge against an opponents lvl 30 monomi which was supposed to evade 50% of the time, though in reality it felt like 80! Ludia waited for everyone to go out level up monomi, and then nerfed the living daylights out of it… I suspect they will do the same with thoradolasaur… clever marketing is what it is… your thoughts?


99% higher in arena hah!!! i wish.


Wonder what it is in lower arenas? :man_shrugging:t4:

(Jk :wink: it does pack a pretty mean punch though… a good end game dino IMO)


In higher arenas, not 99% higher in arenas… and the 99% is not a litteral number, i think your missing the point… thoradolasaur goes crit about 9 of 10 times in higher arenas. Dont take my word for it…Anyone whos played with or against it knows that. The point is that it advertises 40%, and this may have to do with the fact that it has a lower success rate in other arenas

i played with it and no i have not seen that

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It struggles against utarinex, diloracheirus/diloranosaurus… and depending on RNG, utahsino.

Spinotasuchus isn’t a bad option against it either, as is suchotator.

These are just a couple good options that may help you counter it. Hope this helps


I like to joke that Thor has a 99% crit chance when it comes out into my bound dracocera.

In reality though, any claims that a certain event with a given probability happens more often in certain conditions than in other conditions fail to stand up to the lightest scrutiny.

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Those are all good suggestions. I may bring back Utahrinex that previously retired. Anyway, A lot of my initial post got cut off, but I guess the point i was trying to make is that the percentages advertised for different types of RNG are not very straightforward. For instance a lot of gamers complained about 75% stun barely working half the time, and this may have a lot to do with the arena they are playing in as ludia tends manipulate RNG or what i like to call NSRNG (not so random number generator).
Im going to try to repost my initial comments in bits and pieces so hopefully it doesnt get cut off… stay tuned

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I gotcha, and I appreciate the feedback. Im always interested in hearing what type of experience others are having

What do you call higher arena? I play in aviary and my Thor doesn’t crit a 20% of the time. In fact, I’d say monostegotops and Thor crit rates are reverted and their description is just a visual bug. But we both can say this with no data to support it and it has zero credibility.

Not sure where specifically you’re drawing the line for ‘higher arenas’, but as someone who’s been in Aviary for a while now, and had Thor unlocked almost since I could, I definitely don’t see her critting nearly that often. I do see her go through streaks where she won’t crit several times in a row, and other times where she crits very often…it seems to balance out to an overall 40% roughly in my experience.

Literally just battled in Aviary - both used Thor, 4 moves, 1 crit

Thats all good feedback. By higher arena i meant the aviary. Obviously thats where you are going to see uniques, and possibly in lockwood as well. I do feel that there is a situational component to the advertised percentage so its great to get feedback from others. I just experienced 19 of 20 crits from thor which is IMO enough to raise an eyebrow. Ive also noticed significantly different results during the stike events. Perhaps it has more to do with the dinos matched up against and less to do with the arena? There’s definitely something going on but its hard to put a finger to it.

I’ve never taken a look at what my Thor seems to crit more often against than otherwise. And I’ll say that I have had some incredible strings of luck as well in terms of getting WAY more crits in a short span than I would have ever thought to expect. But, my Thor has also been in a drought a bit of lately as well. She’s pulled a clutch crit here and there in arena battles lately for me, though of late I haven’t seen her crit more often than I have seen a crit. Personally, I won’t say that I’ve experienced a different feeling when using her during strike events, though in all fairness a lot of times I’m not always paying as much attention there as I would to a regular battle. If its a scent or ‘easy’ tower, I’ll pick a move and look at something else while it plays out for example.

The Random Number Generator doesn’t know your username, what dino you’re using, what arena you’re in or whether you’re doing a strike event, the tension of your match or whether or not a tournament is going on. Coding any of that into RNG would be manhours devoted specifically to making RNG worse (less random). RNG outputs a semirandom number between 0 and 1, then that number is compared with the chance of your crit/dodge/fart/stun.

It may (in some cases) know one or several of its previous results, but given that there’s thousands of RNG occurences between two RNG occurences of the same user, even that can’t matter on a scale noticeable by a single user.

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This is the argument i have had with metahub. I hear what you are saying and to your point it does require a sophisticated algorithm to tweak the RNG on a situational basis, but i do believe that Ludia has and is continually investing in doing just that… remember, its a business, its not about making the fans happy, its about tailoring the experience to generate the most revenue. I do respect everyones opinions and feedback, and i am open to a variety of possible causes.

I’ve seen “I bought something and now my dodges work so that I know to keep buying”.
I’ve seen “I bought something and now my dodges fail so that I buy more”.
I’ve seen “I’ve never bought anything, so that’s why my dodges don’t work”.
And I’ve seen “I’ve never bought anything yet my dodges always work so that my opponents keep buying, haha”.

I really don’t see how any of those is more credible than any other.


Mine must be the exception to the rule… 40% seems just about right.

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I have had Thor for awhile.
It packs a punch that probably seems like a critical hit.

It’s nowhere near 90% crit rate.


I just used him.

It’s 100% crit rate. He got a one shot then died.

Neither my thor nor the thor of the rival teams arrive far from the 40% of crits that they should have. In fact, if my victory depends on my thor becoming critical, I prefer to change to another option because I leave the base that the blow will not be critical. In fact, when my Thor makes two critics in a row, which almost never happens, I’m surprised. I am always in the Top500 and I understand that this is considered “high arenas”.