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Nice idea Ludia… Could you tell me how can my dinosaurs survive? :thinking::thinking::thinking: One hit = 5670 of damage (minimum)… Don’t you think it’s time to nerf some dinosaurs Attack? Mmmm?


And I thought the one I faced this morning that rampaged through my team was bad …


What’s even the point of boosting it that high? What does it matter if it’s 2600 or 3000? You’ll waste precious resources that should be put in other dinos.




Oh I’m one of those :smirk:

umm boost its damage for the rat.


Just lost against a thor my fourth loss in a row to a over levelled thor

Thoradolosaurus was really overpowered.
I wasn’t able to make a reaction cuz It happened a critical hit everytime.
It’s not the first time. Thora Is really strong if you use boosts on It.

I am just trying to figure out why someone would spend soooo many boosts on thor just to get it a tad higher. It’s already a monster, nothing can survive it, so the extra damage doesn’t even matter.

I think the buzz of taking teams down 3-0 is part of the boosting fun. It’s difficult to counter for me at the moment even with me having a 23 utahsinoraptor and 22 tyrko I have no thor, no bleeding dinosaur even close enough to not being one shorted by anything

Dropped an arena, lost 5 in a row now and I faced this :joy::joy: come on give me a thor break!

Ludia: - A creature is too strong? I know! Let’s buff Dracoceratops to kill it!



I think one of the new legendary dinos in 1.8 has all distracting moves, that might be the answer.
But need to level+boosted up considerably to be effective against those thors in this post.


The problem with that one is that it loses to everything else.

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Lol Ludia: We gave you as boosted rat to kill Thor.

Player: Let’s boost Thor to the heavens so it can be our main rat killer.

Ludia: Boost you rat more! It’s really easy to get plus it can swap in and kill almost every dino. Even Magna the dino we made you work real hard for and horde the dna of irritator behind the arena. Remember get a boosted rat.

Players: rats everywhere, think I need to boost my Thor and Erlidom more.



Lmao roids is best dino in world! I habe a lvl 30 boosted T7 Rat, it was real hard I even have thousands of both components left since they’re commons :smile: I’m pro.

The majority of players are using boosted rats since they’re super easy to get. And then Thor because it kills rats.

So tbh the reason you see these ridiculous Thors is its a good sure shot to kill what everyone else has, boosted rat. The little rat has been the destruction of all things. Now boosts need recalculating again. And these two dinos go together too. Boosted overleveled easy to get rat with a boosted Thor.




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