Thoradolosaur and Friendly Battles

Thor crit chance is ridiculous. Need an option to do friendly battles with your actual team with boosts. Also having battles without boosts that count for incubators could be cool.


They would be murdering friendly battles if they did that.

And the Thors would be boosted too…


Read bro. I said an option to do that. Still have regular friendlys but I would like to try out my actual team without losing rank.

Who’s worried about murdering friendlys? You dont get anything for them. Like what? Thor needs to have the crit chance reduced. I dont mind the boosts on them. But 40% crit chance? No way.

I am… Many players are… Some of us still enjoy friendly battles occasionally. And yes, you do get something for them. They are part of Alliance Missions.

And what makes Thor this OP more than its crit chance is the Instant Charge and boosts.

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Why not 40% Crit? It’s a Unique.

Well having another type of friendly battle doesn’t change that anyways. You could carry on doing the battles that dont actually help you practice with your team no problem.

Hes definitely one of the best if not the best unique. Changing the dodge on the indoraptor and erlidominous jacked them both up pretty hard but the thor just carries on. Everyone has boosts so I dont think they are really the problem unless you wasted your boosts. But when he has 2000 atk and 155 speed and 40% crit chance he can wipe out your whole team before you can do anything.

I do think that taking away his instant charge could fix the problem though. Definitely another option I hadn’t really considered because the allosino had one. Only it didnt have a rampage or 40% crit.

Take away instant charge why make him? Only thing left then is his crit rate. Would still be very good. But might as well just level up trex. That’s the biggest chomper in the game and flys under the radar because of thor.

Without instant charge it would be almost worthless against any dino with distracting. Even with the instant charge it relies on a crit usually to beat another dino after it has been distracted.


The problem of Instant Charge is that it give Thor a free hit against the faster opponent that comes next… That “small” x1 damage of more than 3k with a crit :unamused:

And if there’s Draco in the same team… well, we all know how it goes…

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Friendly battles would be awesome if you selected the parameters based on the tournament parameters - select the tournament rules you want for that fight, select your 4 Dino’s and initiate a fight. Player sees rules, picks his 4 and accepts or rejects. Then you can do friendlies with any set of rules and easily pick your Dino’s. - rare only, boosts on, equal level for example, or no rare and epic hybrids, no boosts, real level, for example.


Yeah that would be perfect!