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Thoradolosaur and no armor

Good afternoon everyone this might just be me being dumb but I’ve been a long time player and I’ve never thought of this until now but Thoradaolosaur’s load out if you will makes no sense. Getting the dino in itself is expensive at least in my eyes due to the sinoceratops grind and the tedious process of getting allosinosaurus is already hard enough. However the payout you get at lvl 20 makes sense and is worth it in my opinion solid damage and good health (not including boosts). On the other side grinding the rng for thoradolosaur in my opinion isn’t worth it unless you have the boosts. The hybrids concept is suppose to be skills and attributes from the dinos they are fused to become so with this you get allosinosaurus and tarbo. Allosinosaurus again being a solid Dino it being able to counter vulnerability with fierce impact but also if not needing to waste it go with armor piercing and not losing any damage because of it. Furthermore instant charge from sinoceratops makes him unpredictable and is very good with mind games nothing to complain about. But thoradolosaur being a hybrid of allosinosaurus and tarbo he receives the instant charge and everything else allosinosaurus has but the only kicker is he gets group shattering impact. Which don’t get me wrong is a massive amount of damage but he loses the 15% armor that is given to allo which can make or break some fights you encounter. Also it becomes immune to vulnerability it just doesn’t make sense to me because 1 tarbo does not have group shattering so it almost looks like almost a trade for not having armor and 2 the only thing he receives from tarbo is that 100% vulnerability they added the swap prevention and dot which is nice but questions why it’s added and armor is not which is almost an annoyance considering the amount of sino dna that is dumped into making him and all you get out of it is the instant charge that again comes from allo. Again not having that speed boost it only really counters those slower resilient strike/impact dinos and with the amount of boosts that can be applied to dinos sometimes that isn’t even enough. Why make it 100% immune to vulnerability when every single attack he has cleanses it the only rationale I see out of it is for dinos that apply that status affect first and then attack but majority of the time you see the hit and then the status effect is applied afterwards just my two cents I would appreciate your thoughts on this and if you’ve ever questioned this.

If it gets shield it better not get more than 15 like it’s dad

I find it strange that allosino is more powerful than Thor in terms of attack speed and the same number of health apart from allosino attacks is more powerful than thor

Thor isn’t hard to make, it’s made from two easily findable commons and a one of the most common epics. you know it gains a ramp plus 40% crit which makes up for the lack of 100 attack.


Firstly, only two of thor’s attacks can cleanse vulnerability (strike and impact), and secondly, being immune to vulnerability does have its uses even if you can cleanse it with every move: if you get hit by a superior vulnerability when you swap in, you won’t be able to cleanse before getting hit.

I remember when Ludia had replaced Thor’s defense shattering rampage by a group shattering impact, making it worse than Allosino :joy:
(Luckily they buffed it to a group shattering rampage not long after)