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Thoradolosaur Armor?


Tryko prob way less common, though you are right! The issue with tryko is take away it’s tank qualities it’s attack would have to be raised so high it would one shot majority of Dino’s


So how do you explain Allosinosaurus having 15% armor? Who by the way got a damage buff this patch


Also it just dawned on me…Allosino AND Tarbo all have higher health than Thora. Below is a side-by-side comparison of Thora & it’s ingredient counterparts. Now I’m even more convinced that Thora’s deserving of said 15% armor, especially with how much lower it’s health is compared to its parents, even armored Allosino


By that logic Thor should be slower too and have less damage


At end of the day it’s not even tyrant class!? Why not complain that Indo raptor needs more speed and armour. Like complaining my one Dino doesn’t take out the opponents whole team


Less damage because it only has 40 more damage? As a Unique?? The top tier dinos of the game?..yeah you’re not very bright. Your argument has lost its validity. Next.


Indoraptor is perfectly fine where it’s at. Doesn’t need any adjustments.


Just using your logic guess your admitting your not that bright…


So you’re telling me 40 damage is worth more than 300-450 more health? Not quite, because your measure of comparison is quite skewed


Remind me what rank you are again? Never heard of you before now.


Oh so your ranked that makes you ultimate authority? Haven’t seen you win a tournament yet! I’m not ranked don’t mean that more anti armour Dino’s need tank characteristic leading the whole game to be reworked again, like just happened with 1.5 cause everyone had a stegod and a monomin and they where broken aff better to have defined role creatures so the strategy isn’t I will use one of 4 over the top Dino’s that always win… Thor is anti armour that stuns that’s pretty great already


No, ranking doesn’t give me the ultimate authority, but it means I’m somewhat conscientious and coherent of what the current game’s make up is. You talk about anti-tanks not having any talk or reason of having armor, well go look at Allosinosaurus. Was one of the top Anti-tanks before 1.5 dropped. Guess what, it has 15% Armor. The best dinosaur in the game? Trykosaurus, Anti-tank with 30% armor.

I brought up this topic as to create a healthy discussion, but when whiney irrelevant scrubs that frankly have an inept understanding of where the game is currently at come griping about how their fantasies of the game should be in their eyes offer no value to the conversation then I question what understanding of the game they come from. As you made it clear, you do not have that understanding. I may have not won any past tournaments but that’s maybe because I started this game barely before even Season 1 started, but here I am having climbed the ranks all the way to #1. It’s because I understand how to play the game and where what dinosaur’s value lies. That’s more than I could say for you.


Before tourney I was 4700 with a lvl 20 average team fighting lvl 25 average teams I think I know a thing or two about the battle mechanics or I wouldn’t be able to win against stronger opponents and you are the one whining that Thor isn’t soo op sauce that it wrecks anything!!!


How is suggesting Thor pick up the 15% armor it’s parent had considered making it “OP”?


Because 15% armour would likely favour it in anti armour verses speed when anti armour should lose in such a match up. Anyway I apologise if I have derailed thread at all


I would say it would give it a nice extra buffer when it has 300 less health than its 2 other contending chompers, but 15% armor isn’t as heavily advantageous imagined. For instance, if a level 30 Stegodeus used Rampage against Thor currently it would do 2480 damage. A Thor with 15% armor, it would do 2108 damage. I would not consider it game breaking/OP, but atleast help make up for the cut health it has compared to its parents


Just give it greater stunning rampage and call it a day. It needs a more diverse movepool


What if Thor gained a SIA? Like swap in Shattering impact or Swap in shield or something? I don’t have Thor so I’m not sure if a SIA would do much for him.


I think giving it a SIA would be almost borderline OP :sweat_smile:


7% armor thats all… just a bit lol