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Thoradolosaur Armor?


Hmm, a SIA would probably make it borderline op so what about, dropping DSS and giving Thor either Adrenaline Surge or Adrenaline Pulse? That way he could heal some health. Maybe? Or maybe Shielding Strike in replace of DSS?


I agree that giving it a wee bit of armor just to compensate for the lack of health. This is a so called Unique dino but it is not living up to its tag and status and a lvl 21/22 Thor is so easily defeated. Either that or increase its health.


Easily defeated by what though? if it’s a debuffer, bleeder or speedster then that’s the meta actually working for once lol


Can it destroy all types of armour√
Can it beat it’s ingredients√
Does it kill trex supposed king of carnivores√
Is it a balanced creature that doesn’t break meta√
What more can we ask without getting ridiculous and then needing mega Nerf an update later that makes the coin spent on it wasted


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He need more life or armor for sure, but i will change all of this for a instant distraction whit 1 turn delay like tryko lol


I am creating the Thoradolosauro and I had high hopes for it. I had seen that I lost health and armor compared to allosinosauro but that the 1.5x was 2x more likely to be critical. I start from the base that both the allosinosauro and the Thoradolosauroi never hit more than twice. Now I see that the “Defense Shatering Rampage” has a Delay of a turn so that, possibly, I will almost never be able to use it in the battle. As with the Allosinosauro, the first blow will be the “Defense Shaking Impact” and the second the “Instant Charge”. After that 2 hit the opponent will always make the second hit (except it is slower and has no speed reduction which is almost impossible unless the opponent is an Allosinosauro or an Indominus Rex) and two things can happen:

  1. The Thoradolosauro dies
  2. The Thorodolosauro survives and kills the opponent but being slow and in poor health, the new rival will always finish him off.

The only thing that makes this dino deserve the title of “Unic” is its great possibility of critic, but I do not like that a dino mine depends on the RNG.

On the other hand I do not understand the theory of fusions. Starting from the Allosinosauro that is a creature with health of 4500, damage 1600, speed 106, armor of 15% and possibility of critical of 20%. I fuse it with tarbosauro (a common) to TRY to take the best of both having the tarbosauro a health of 4650, a damage of 1600, health of 104, without armor and the possibility of a critical 40% and what I get is:

A health of 4200: Instead of gaining health, the hybrid has lost health !! The “son” is more weak than the two “parents”. It does not seem normal.

0% Armor: The hybrid has the worst armor of its two parents.

40% critical: The hybrid has the best critic of both parents (it is supposed to be the target).

Speed of 108: I melt the allosinosauro with a slower dino and the result is a faster dino.

Are you sure the tarbo is the father? for me that there has been some infidelity :slight_smile:


That’s rude.:thinking:

I am definitely father of this kid.
Or you shouldn’t need to spent tons of my DNA for Thorlado.


Hoping Ludia listens.


I stand by my stance, in fact I’m even more than convinced than ever it needs to happen


Soooo Ludia…before Patch 1.6 rumors come about, wanna be sure to give this topic a view? Becauuuse Thor getting that armor would be quite beneficial for what feels like is just barely missing on this big mean green machine. Cool, thanks.


thor is going to get armor?


He should lol


where is the source of this rumor?


There isn’t a source, thats why it is just a rumour


I don’t understand what you’re asking about a source? This entire thread was based off a debate, as stated in the opening comment


i thought u got new info so that u put in new hints today…

the original thread was weeks ago…i read it before…but…


Thor is too OP imo.

Such a strong attack, 40% crit which means it crits alot and instant charge which can also crit. I think its attack needs to drop to balance it out.

Giving it armour makes it even more OP lol


Nah @Cl_L, I just wanted to bring this thread back to surface to keep the debate going and get other memebers of the community’s thoughts

Thor is certainly strong, but not OP. Utarinex, Dilo, Erlidom, & Tenonto can make quick disposal of Thor. I’ve seen situations where if Thor had 10-15% he’d be able to make a saving play. But, nah Thor’s pretty straightforward sheer force Dino.

I can see where/why folks could disagree, but I also don’t see what harm it would do in giving Thor that extra little push


I’m just afraid they’ll lower the speed if they give it armour. I would prefer no armour but same speed with an HP buff if they decide to do that. But if they want to keep the speed AND give it armour that would be cool too.