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Thoradolosaur Armor?


Giving it armor from its Sino lineage is fine with me, but then I say remove the crit from its Allosaurus line (back to 20% like allosino). One or the other, but both is too much in my opinion. Every unique should have a bit more from its hybrid components, (I think dioraja should have either long ferocity or long shield) but the best of both worlds? Nah.


My rationale for giving Thor 10-15% armor is that majority of its base genomes stem from Allosinosaurus, the only thing Thor takes from Tarbo is a snappy bite force (the 40% crit & selling point of Thor), but don’t understand the necessity to remove its armor

The way I view Utarinex is that it’s genome is based primarily from Dracorex, but giving it a strong distraction. Dracorex has 0% armor, so it’s not odd for Utarinex to be armorless, too


Ah, I see. I was going back to Allosaurus for the 40% crit, forgetting the Tarbo stats (never used it, never gave it much though, really). Well, I wouldn’t complain if they did it, since I should have it made by the end of the weekend - tonight if I get that one good fuse. lol…


Fixed Dioraja?.. Normal life pre 1.5 (3500) lvl 21, Now! 3000… and the speed is so slowwwww…how the tryko is faster than the dioraja?.. impossible… Dioraja, can’t survive with thor or tryko… that sucks…



with that attack, 40% crit AND armor seems like it would be too good considering it’s components are 1 epic and 2 commons. shouldn’t really be rivaling uniques that are multiple epics or an epic and 2 rares.

yes indoraptor is like that, but at least vraptor is only at night. but for thor you can find its commons all day long.


Except tarbo is a night dawn dusk spawn just like vrap… both can be found during the day at their nest spawns… bus stops for vrap resturants for tarbo.

Not really a big difference their.


Allosinosaurus’s speed is 106.
Tarbo’s speed is 104.
But Thora’s speed is 109. How is that possible?

No, Thora does not need armor. Ludia has already given it unrealistic speed and mighty 40% critical to balance the game.


Although I’d like to see armor, I’m afraid it would come at a price. In my experience Thor does just fine as is, I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets a bit of a damage nerf, unfortunately.


The thing is though, there’s nothing that’s exactly considered extravagant/diverse that stands out from Thor. Has the same health max as Utarinex, but outside of Instant Charge (which is quite useful), it’s just a matter of how much damage it can dish out before it dies. Doesn’t have a slow, distraction, nullify but takes flat damage like dinos that do carry those in their kit. I find that if Thor’s focus is just trying to dish out as much damage before death with a lower health pool comparably to other choppers/slower dinos, having 10-15% armor wouldn’t be considered outrageous


I’d rather let it have more health than armor. Tarbo’s health base is 4650, if Thor has that health, I’m fine with 0 armor.


Thor doesnt have that health tho lol its only 4200, I still don’t think it needs armor tbh


All I’ll say if Thor gets armour all speedsters will need a significant bump in damage so that we don’t have another stegod that breaks the balance!


Thing is thor doesn’t distract where rinex does but still has same health yet tryko has armour and higher health i think both armour and abit of hp buff for thor is needed


Anything with distract does a great job at taking Thor down, he’s really not OP at all.


You are avoiding the speed question. Why is thora’s speed 109? It’s well balanced already.

No offense, but you have a lvl 30 thora, and I only see your effort in making your team stronger.


I had made the same question on Thor in another thread, that a lower lvl Thor will lose against stego which can slow it and rampage.
Agree that if u can lvl Thor all the way, is going to be a hard breaker.
But fusing Thor is a nightmare as it need ma sino.
So i was thinking if a normal player shd actually lvl up allosino directly as the speed is slower than stego, it actually can use two big hits against stego…and kill it with a instant charge available…


the sheer number of people that use it would make it seem that it’s good enough.
i’d rather they buff the under-utilized uniques like diorajasaur (again :unamused: ) and touramoloch.

what they need to do though, is replace shattering strike with something. since impact and rampage each are 1 turn cooldown, most likely people are hardly ever going to use the strike.


do not be arrogant my friend … the fact that you are of the top does not mean that you can belittle the opinion of others.


Agreed. Imo HP should be 4500 and speed still the same(109). I wouldn’t mind the armour if it doesn’t cut the speed though.