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Thoradolosaur Armor?

Up for debate: I think Thoradolosaur deserves the 15% Armor it’s parent Allosinosaurus had.

I can see where Ludia thought they would take the Utarinex-approach where they scrapped its armor going from Utasinoraptor to Utarinex. Looking at Utarinex, it make sense considering it took on most the genes from its Dracorex parent, but in this case Thoradolosaur took on the majority of Allosinosaurus’ genes.

Plus, with having a lower general health than it’s chomper counterparts of Tryko & Tenonto, I feel like giving Thor that 15% armor would be deemed justifiable to compensate

Just a thought.


In a nutshell… the Unique should be better than its Legendary parent in every way.

Ludia fixed Tryko,… they also fixed Diorajasaur,… they just need to adjust Thor a little and it will be better than it’s parent Allosinosaurus.


Yes please.


Would love the little bit of allosino armor on Thora.

They fixed dioraja?


I believe he’s referring to the fact Ludia gave Dio the defense shattering counter, as opposed to giving Rajakylo armor piercing counter

And that’s why I benched Thor when it was still lvl 21. Its health was poor (without armor) and even as a unique most dino can 2-shot it. However, once you level it up, it becomes a real monster.

I believe it. I go up against Relentless’ and it’s an absolute beast. I’ve been working on mine in the wings, and once it’s at an adequate enough level I’ll likely bring it onto my roster, but ya that’s something a lot of us were like “huh” when we noticed that it had received none of Allosino’s armor meanwhile having lower health than Tryko & Tenonto

Yeah, I was so happy when mine was created and went immediately into my roster. That lasted exactly three battles and out it goes. Lol. Even though it has a big bite, its bite ain’t big enough in the Aviary to offset its poor health. A bit of armor will be great but mine won’t be anywhere near my roster until it’s lvl 23.

When I first created Thor, I was also baffled that it didn’t get any armor. If so, it’s hp should be bumped up more.

Please consider this next patch.


Yeah, thor does need armor. I have all the ingedients but did not create him because i was doubting his lower health and no armor. I think i will stick with allo until thor truly is better than allosin. I feel that the lower health gets him 2 shotted before he can use his biggest attack. If he cant use his biggest attack, than he actually has the same attacks allosin. Unless you rely too much on hus RNG crits. He needs a slight buff on his health and/or armor

15% armor is on the low side.

Given its Unique status, it should be 30% min armor, counter attack at 1x damage, and instant charge at 90% chance to stun.

The speed needs a buff to - say 120 maybe?
Likewise the HP and attack damage should get a buff too - say around 50% increase.

Understandably the ingredients of this dino is hard to find.

In essence, it is nice to have another Tryko in the Arenas. Or maybe the Devs should create a total of 8…:thinking:

Otherwise, it takes longer for the Devs to make loads of money of out of this game…:rofl:


by giving Thor 5% skin, almost no fast creatures can kill it in 2 shots(at the same lvl). if 15%, Thor will have no competitors!


I also get disappointed when i saw that he had no armor and low health…i use it, and i think that a 10% armor (15 maybe is too high) would fit in very well…if not the armor, please buff the hp: respectively tarbo has 4650 and allosino 4500 at level 26…why Thor has only 4200?:sweat_smile:

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That’s the idea.
Let’s have a Tryko-Thor tag team; and rule the arenas…:sweat_smile:

Before that could ever happen, we have to spend big on cash and coìns to buy incubs and scents…:wink:

it does have a 40% crit rate though. so if you are one-shotting things its OK.

mine is 23 now. but a couple days ago, it was 22 and beat a 23 tryk head-to-head. i don’t remember the battle, maybe the other person played their tryk wrong, but i won :wink:


No, you’re right, Thor should win this matchup.

Thoradolosaur thrives against Tryko. It’s a strong counter. But in a general sense, I feel like it would be deserving (and not considered overpowered) of the 15% armor. Not sure whether it would make or break the Dino, but it’s just what seems to make sense

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yeah it could drop shattering stike to just AP, or just regular and get a little armor and probably be OK.

Having tanks that do mass damage is why stegod was broken Thor is clearly anti armour so it doesn’t make any sense that it needs armour!? it has 40% crit rate and moves to deal with armour, if it where to gain armour may aswell give it standard rampage and superiority strike and a slowing move and have it actually be a tank which is what should generally have armour

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How about Tryko? :t_rex::t_rex::t_rex:
High damage anti tank + armor tank itself…