Thoradolosaur counters

Well guys. This update complicated things. I tested it and there is only one unique cunning Dino that beats Thor 100% of the time. (I don’t count skoona as a cunning but she does do it cause op) That dino is poukandactylus. You have to fearless flap turn one, Group instant distract turn 2, and if he went Instant charge turn two, go distracting impact, if not, go sideflap.
Ardontognathus might do it 100% of the time, but I don’t know enough about it. I have a feeling stuns will mess you up in the long run.
Every other unique cunning has some variable that makes it lose part of the time. Edom and indo need to dodge, spyx cannot get stunned turn two on instant charge, Rinex needs to crit, meaning she only has a 25% chance of winning, and toven just always loses now. (I think anyway. Toven is another I don’t have enough experience with.)
If we are talking apexes, haast Maximus is your best option. It only takes 800 damage from Thor in the entire fight. Ref can still do it, but it needs to cunning strike turn one and super distraction turn two. I’m pretty sure hboa can do it too, so that another option. If it doesn’t win, it’ll draw. Either way, this Thor buff sucks and I hate it, but there are your counters.


Okay i just tested it, toven cannot get crit on instant charge or it loses


Wanna beat Thor? Just use a faster Thor :sunglasses:


thanks. i saw thor get that cleansing group impact and was immediately on the Nope train. that kind of unubstructed damage reduces the ammount of viable counters.


Sauropods with high defense are good choices, as is Indotaurus as long as it’s not stunned, also Indominus Rex.

What’s wrong with Beathoven?

I use the Stones to destroy the Stone


Toven only wins if Thor doesn’t crit too many times. You can use it, but this thread was mainly about giving you guaranteed counters to thor

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I mean who is thoven?

Tarbognathus has been pretty good to me vs thor, sure some other flocks would win too.

Thor is a sitting duck right now for the arenas. She is mainly a raid dino, and absolutely the best fierce for raids hands down. I pulled Thor off my team ages ago. It’s a raid only dino for me. Use ref, use scorpy, use gorgo, use eagle, use just about anything with dodge and it is ded - even apex will most likely kill thro due to the high stun resist and instant distract. Even with a group cleansing move it is still mostly ded. You just might not be able to swap in ref right away (swap in ref after group cleanses is used - then use instant. You’ll take a hit, because opponent will probably go for groupl cleanse if no delay on it, then use instant distract then ramp). My hope is that the group move will not have a delay of 2 for raid purposes. I like fast raids, and if there is a delay, it will make raids that much longer. I’d rather have Thor the way she is now vs a group cleansing move with an extra delay. She is the perfect raid dino, and I would like to keep it that way.

Mozart was better :rofl:


Or morty. Or Rexy… you don’t want Thor too fast bc raids

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I guess the best counters for thor after the buff would be cunning dodgers and tanks with high health

For sure - but we don’t know if there will be a delay on the group move or not. If there is a delay (please no - raids will suffer. I don’t like doing 9-12 turn raids), then ref and all the other distracting cunnings will still be more than fine. Also, it could very well be that Thor will have less of a bleed resist, which means that a creature like ref and scorpy will have an easier time taking it down turn 1.

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Pretty sure indoraptor beats it with dodge rng

Oh its rng nvm /sarcasm

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Can also use trebax, although not as effective as what it use to be

Oh antarctovenator

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Rng + mind games makes it unreliable. But yes, it is still a solid option

I understand that there are a variety of counters out there, but this thread is made by someone (me) who has missed 18 stuns in a row on the attack tower with rinex, and has been crit 5 times in a row by an Mrhino. I cannot risk rng anymore. Plus I wanted to give multiple different options for people that don’t want to use apexes, or at least the main apexes.