Thoradolosaur: Gift vs Grind

So we all know the attributes of this ridiculous thing. We know how it’s a boost cow.
Those big issues aside, the mostly unspoken problem lies in the combination of how it’s so easy to obtain - with 2 COMMONS and one of the most easily obtainable Epics (with a weekly raid and at least one weekend of event spawn a month) but also, how its viable counters are so much harder to get by comparison. It almost seems set up this way…

Its cousin Utarinex: event exclusive component
Alloraptor: event exclusive component.
Diloracheirus: event exclusive component.
Tenontorex: event exclusive component
Indoraptor Gen 2: event exclusive component
Spinoconstrictor: event exclusive component
Phorusaura: battle exclusive component
Procerathomimus: battle exclusive component

Erlidominus: Erlikosaurus is basically the rarest global spawn in the game

Erlikospyx and Magnapyritor are a major grind.

I’m getting so tired of having to work so hard just to stay where I am while these things start to look like this in the Aviary.


Yep , & it’s crazy even when you have it’s counter boosted to match , because of the instant stun attack it’s still 50-50 as to whether you’ll win.

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What about indoraptor? It can evade and distract, plus it has stun immunity against thor’s instant charge


Depends on whether the indo is slower , I’ve seen Thor’s at 137 139 141 complete with 2500 damage & 5000+ health, agreed there not the average but even with all the distraction abilities of a spyx, he loses to them, even if he evaded the stun.

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Problem = Boosts.

Thor at base speed is easy to handle.



Look at this !


I have yet to understand why someone would want a nitro Thor/Allosino. Mortem, I can understand. Still hits hard and it’s immune to decel anyway. But Thor and Allosino are not only slower than most speed boosted speedsters, but they’ll get slowed by tanks resistant to stun who can tank their hits.


They don’t realize they are setting themselves up to stay in the Aviary, but terrorize the place nonetheless.


it works because their counters will be a lower level and wont have the boosts necessary to keep up and survive for a while. but once they do, that wall hits hard and without a boost reset, those players are stuck with a mediocre dino and unable to climb.


Nerf it’s crit to 20% and you’ll see some mitigation in players over boosting it

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Oh wait until you have the 2800-3k damage Thor’s that kill your whole team. You MIGHT get 1 turn.


I hope to have my counters up to par by then, but considering this difference in effort, who knows.

After 2.0 indo raptor seemed to disappear from the arenas , but since the buff he got & boost reset he seems to be everywhere again, averaging 136 speed & over 5000 health, along with Thor its a staple team player, at least in the aviary.


I guess that’s 1 of my reasons why I would not like either to get any kind of positive change so fed up of seeing them …lol

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Same here. I’m not joining the crutch cult.

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my opponents usually have a thor and an indoraptor in the team, 3-5 levels higher than the rest…


I’m sick of seeing them mega boosted, it’s been massively annoying for this ever since boosts were introduced. We all see how pathetic it is in tournaments with Uniques allowed at equal level. But yeah, it’s cheap to make compared to its 3 Unique counterparts so it remains common and over-leveled.

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What are its 3 unique counterparts?

I believe it’s become worse since the reset, normally benched dinos would’ve had boosts sitting on them,but I don’t think that’s the case at the moment, it would be interesting to know how many actual boosts are in play, not just sat around on dinos outside a players main team.

wut ru u guys facing in aviary, im at like 4,750 trophies with a level 25 max boosted indom and besides that an 18-22 team. For some reason tho the only reason I lose is cuz i swap in to draco, the opponent does the same and they kill mine cuz their’s is higher level. It is the only reason that I’m gonna have to level it to 20 and a higher level instead of getting thor and indo to 22.