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Thoradolosaur: Gift vs Grind

Ok is it less now than before 2.3? I wouldn’t have any point of reference and how do I know they didn’t quit because Maxima got Nerfed or any other reason…

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I don’t know, I started looking out of curiosity months ago , the top 200 more or less every one seems to be playing but by how much I don’t know, however I’ve seen alliances full membership & just a few trophy counts, I suppose only ludia really knows.

The alliance I’m in is quite good relatively active, usually get 45-50 high scores registered in PVP there has been spells where there have only been about 10 scorers which as far as I’m aware wasn’t because of one reason, probably just general apathy, not got time etc… I wouldn’t dismiss the looking at how many players have scored as it’s interesting I would just be cautious in making assumptions as to why… I hear more people complaining about bugs that throw you out of a battle or keep you looking at a timer than Thors

I’m not sure how you thought I was making assumptions, I was suggesting from your question about how many players have left or stopped playing that you could get an idea from players trophy counts or lack of, as you said n I agree the reasons as to why are varied, however i quick look through the threads on here certainly gives indication that something is wrong.

But you said to reduce its Crit percentage and change Fierce Impact.


I asked if enough people have said they will stop playing because of Thor, you replied saying you can tell by looking at the scores in alliances, but you can’t you can only assume they left because of Thor as there is no way of telling, if indeed they have left, we didn’t even have enough information to be sure of that…

No I said you could get an indication of how many players are taking part in pvp arena , as We have both said we can’t tell why not , Thor is just 1 of a stack of variables within the game that players have issues with .

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Agree we can’t tell why…

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When someone suggested a slight nerf, yes I did. One way or another I would like something to be done, but that’s not what I originally called for.

I agree with you bro. I started a similar thread about nerfing Thor’s 40% crit last month and it was quite the virtual kerfuffle. It appears players are very sensitive about their bloated Thor’s.


Damn right about that. This thread is full of that as well.

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Why players in my alliance quit was because of nerfs like the ones proposed here.

The problem isnt Thor. Its jerks who abuse the limits of acceptable behaviour. Droppers essentially.

A level cap might help or just lock certain players out of progressing until they build a 2nd team of meta creatures to go back to Library or Depot.

Most newer players have maybe 4 to 5 high level creatures plus another 5 which could be arena viable. So imagine capping them out of using those due to bad luck and what will they do? This doesnt stop droppers it only punishes players who have a thin squad.

The solution might be a “valve”. Once you unlock Library you cannot drop below Aviary. Once you unlock Depot you cannot drop to Aviary. Once you unlock Shores you cannot go back to Library so make sure you return all books to avoid over due charges.

I am not sure the outcome but it will stop Shores and Depot players from contributing to the problem in Aviary. Might kill those who are on the border of Aviary and Library.

The other part is to fix the inc rewards for arena. Make Aviary the baseline then increase the yield (DNA and coins) by 50% every advancement in arena.

Aviary 100%
Library 150%
Depot 225%
Shores 337.5%


I like everything proposed here. As originally stated though, as opposed to a nerf, maybe throwing out less Sinoceratops could also halt such monsters progressing beyond team level and subsequently more appealing to become a boost cow.

At least yours didn’t have the 145 speed that most of them I see have.

If they would get rid of speed boosts it would make a huge difference. But they never will, so there’s that.


I understand your point about endgame players. I don’t think this is a Ludia problem as much as a player problem. Prior to last big update Utasino easily beat Utarinex even though it was its component due to speed and attack. So a lot of players leveled Utasino instead of leveling up Utarinex. Now that they were both reworked it was a bad decision for a lot of players. But that is their fault. We shouldn’t blame Ludia for people taking the easy way.

I disagree. Ludia makes it so that the best way to play the game is to not invest in powerful creatures, which is plain nonsensical game design. Players just do what’s in their best interest based on the information available to them.

Take Procerathomimus as an example. Those that did bite the bullet and invest did much better in tournaments, had a strong arena creature for a very long time and will continue to have a strong tournament creature. Those that didn’t have yet to benefit anywhere near as much from their restraint.

I think this nonsense is absolutely Ludia’s fault. Their bad balancing, bad communication, and refusal to compensate with boost resets or anything (they might be on the path to changing that last one).


There’s nothing needs to be done to Thor. The 2 turn cooldown on it’s Rampage is already an unwanted nerf. If something needs to be done, it should be about speed boosting a chomper.


Yes some players are like water and will always take the path of least resistance, it makes sense to invest in a creature like Thor, it may not be to everyone’s taste but it is effective…

Speed is certainly the issue since if it is slower it will often lose the match up. Once it’s distracted many dinos will take the impact and IC and finish it off on the second hit. Plus another Thor will win against it if it’s faster.

It’s not for nothing that Ludia made the availability of speed boosts such a factor. If they were limited to type it would make the game so much better. A fierce Dino like Thor shouldn’t be able to have 145 speed.


Except even if you do it doesn’t mean you can beat it especially with these.

Then here is my own magna

Even if I was faster I wouldn’t have been able to kill it. You can’t just say, well just use this and stop complaining, boosts and overall matchmaking don’t guarantee a counter will work. And now with rids being a prominent feature of the game most players are trying to save and distribute their boost. To be faster than a maximum boosted speed thor you need 9 speed tier and even if one is faster that doesn’t mean that it’s a win cause they aren’t just boosted in speed are they? They are also boosted in attack and health and with the buff thor got last update it’s better at soaking and dishing out damage than ever before. Most also have trouble leveling up or getting enough dna to get good counters and boosts are a grind to get. Yet this is more of a boost issue than anything else I have a lvl 28 unboosted thor and of course it’s my highest level cause it’s the easiest to make of all my team. Even then it does okay but it’s not that good. It’s boost that cause the counters to be obsolete