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Thoradolosaur: Gift vs Grind

Dracocerato. 2 commons and a rare that also is a swap-in

It also does better in a boosted environment than thor


It’s statistically more of a worry for lower tier and lower rarity creatures. Most Uniques will never fall under the “Elite” tier but the same cannot be said for rarities below them, especially when the creature is not even a super-hybrid.

The only Unique counter that is as easy to build as Thor is Indoraptor.


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Actually yeah you may be right on this one

I know I’m right

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What creatures do you currently run?

Tryko, max, monostegotops (also beats thor), Dio, Monolorhino, mags, sarco, and grypo

Thor’s components are everywhere, but procera isn’t, I netted 3 tarbos sat in a car park allo spawns nearby, but procera no, not anywhere as common.

But a global rare and 2 global commons that are out 24/7 are much easier to come by than a zone-exclusive epic and 2 commons

Sino also appears at gas stations and raids once a week, and is usually a weekend epic at least once a month too. Unfortunately we are also playing a few months removed from it being the creature of the month with those daily rewards too.

But in the raids, the maximum you get is 100, which is really rare. That’s less than a darting of a sino for non-VIP

Procera has never been an easier than sinoceratops spawn , it’s never been given as a daily because it’s a rare unlike sinoceratops which in the time I’ve been playing has been on 2 or 3 occasions.players stored it from them occasions as a family member of mine admitted who remembers the days of sinoceratops days rampaging through the arenas. Before he was handed the nerf.

Not to mention how long Sino was the main reward for alliance rewards, before they eventually starting changing them every fortnight - that’s where I got most of mine from.

I’ve been trying to get Dracocerato to lv 30 since she was released (dig her design), and I’m lucky if I see one Procera a day. It’s definitely easier to find than Sino, but the amount of Procera I’ve received in-game vs the amount of Sino is drastically different. Sino is abundant.


Can you tell me why 20 out of the top 20 players on the leaderboard have it on their team then? Not being snarky, it’s a serious question.


Nitro Rhino. This was explained earlier

lack of good/ better pure fierce options most likely.

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Perhaps, though I am sure they have Mortem which I have not seen on any of the top 20 teams.

Thor is easy to build, easy to boost, has an insane crit. All I am saying is that Thor IS an endgame dino, now more than ever. Especially since it just got resistance to bleed. I respect ElEduardo’s opinion on this though, and would like to know why he thinks it is not an end game dino.


Not perhaps. One of the best players in the world said that was exactly why Thor shows up like that.
Mortem isn’t very good, or at least that’s my opinion based on the ones I’ve battled, which have been just boosted 26s.
In a vacuum Thor is a mediocre at best dino. I have an unboosted level 30, and fighting in high library you see exactly how bad Thor is.

With all the problem Thors gatekeeping the high Aviary/Low Library most players won’t even see that area for months, if at all. It’s discouraging to have a fairly even match disrupted by a lvl 28-30 boost monster. As we grind to work on our counters, the Thors grow at an exponential rate. I don’t think the top players understand this.


Lack of pure fierce as well as mortem not being team level.

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