Thoradolosaur is BETTER than Tenontorex and Trykosaurus?

Because of the speed, Thoradolosaur (speed 109) makes the first move. At lvl 21, its attack is 1285 and its 1st attack is 1928, stun 1285, rampage 2570. The stun is annoying and it gets one more turn most likely. It also has 40%!!! critical chances!!!

I do not think same level Tenontorex (speed 108) and Trykosaurus (speed 108) can take Thoradolosaur down and I have taken their distraction impact, instant distraction or 100% shield (doesn’t work of course) into consideration. I have imagined their battles in my mind several times but I think Thoradolosaur is way too strong.

Am I right?

(P.S. Tyranolophosaur’s speed is at 108, and Tenontosaurus’s is at 109. I do not know Tenontorexi’s speed for sure, but I feel it’s quite possible at 108)

Why is Thoradolosaur’s speed 109? Allosinosaurus is at 106, Tarbosaurus is at 104 … :confused:

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Where did you get that Tenontorex stats from??

Sorry! My bad! Please see edited post.


And thor doesn’t necessarily beat an even level tryko

How come?

Turn 1:
Thor attacks 1928
Tyro uses instant distraction

Turn 2:
Thor attacks 2570 without critical
Tyro attacks

Turn 3:
Thor attack 1928
Tyro uses instant distraction

Turn 4:
Thor attacks
Tyro dies

Turn 2 can also be:
Thor stuns
Tyro gets no attack
then Turn 3 is
Thor attacks 2570 without crtitial
Tyro uses instant distraction
then turn 4 is
Thor attacks 1928
Tyro dies

Let’s talk the fight
Tryko at lvl21: 3527(hp). 1254(atk)
Thor: 3291. 1285

Turn 1, instant distraction:
129 damage received,
627 counter attack,

Turn 2, got stunned
900 damage received,

Turn 3, DSR
1928 damage received,
627 counter attack+2508 rampage

Thor dead, tryko survives with 570 hp.

All tryko needs to do is to hang tough against first 2 bites from thor, then finish it with the rampage.

Edited: If turn 3 thor dishes out rampage while tryko doesn’t distract, then tryko is down. Vice versa, if the rampage is blocked, tryko can henceforth withstand Thor’s ap impact to overturn the battle.
But it can get complicated in real battle, as players will take every factor into calculation. Therefore not every move will be efficient if you cannot anticipate what’s coming every time.
I can conclude that tryko have a fair chance to win against thor, it’s not hopeless.

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Thanks for the stats.

In your scenario, for turn 3, it’s more likely Thor uses DSR. Tyro will received 2570 damage if it chooses to use 2508 rampage instead of Instant Distraction.

Also, dont forget thor has 40% critical chances.

Tryko also got raised to 30% crit

Really? That’s good to know!

this is from legomin, tenontorex speed @109, not 108

The stun may fail 1/4 of the time also.

I think both dinos would prefer to face other dinos

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