Thoradolosaur is now better than Mortem Rex, another absurd move by Ludia

Anyone would agree that with this buff to Thor now Mortem Rex being Appex is obsolete. Don’t misinterpret I love Thor but it’s absurd for an Appex to have worse move… I mean the “ Group Shattering Rampage “ … it’s ridiculous

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Everyone normally says:

“rarity doesn’t matter.”

In this case, I have always hated Thor and Mortem is ridiculously hard to create so should always be the best chomper.


It’s a big nerf for Thor. In raids now have no place. Delay 1 and cooldown 2 turns for GDR makes it useless for Hadros Lux raid.

In arena might be a bit more used, but Mortem will remain better, as can’t be slowed and has bigger damage than Thor. Also only 1 turn cooldown on Fierce Rampage.


You forget that the Thor has an instant charge that makes a big difference


Instant shield, swap in dodge, Instant Distract, and Swap in damage say hi.


Thor needs to survive, to use IC. Most things are immune to stun anyway. Dio will be dropped from many teams, as Grypo will be everywhere. Then basically you have Orion, Tryko and Spyx that can be stunned. Though Thor need to survive Tryko Resilient impact.

Thor mostly won’t live long enough to use Rampage, cause can be stunned.

Thor was already better against other chompers and tanks even without the rampage cuz of the stun while mortem is better against speedsters.

Thor and mortem now have different niches as endgame fierce creatures. Thor will have less reliable damage output but will dumpster anything it can rampage -> instant charge. Mortem is held back by its speed but is less concerned about distraction and such due to the cleanse. I feel like they should have done fierce rampage and group shattering impact though so the raid value was still present, since group moves really only work when they can be used turn 1 to clear minions. Kinda stinks to see Thor moved into a more PvP exclusive role despite having such a strong potential group attack


Guess what? I just faced off with a lvl 27 thor which one-shot my whole team

Including my Indom which successfuly evaded but still died

Spyx is the ideal Thor counter. Partial immunity to stuns, moveset that allows Thor to be constantly distracted

Rofl,“better than mortem rex”…
Those title baits

the problem no is thor, are the excesses of stats increases

Thor is not better than Mortem. There is level difference for now. Everyone has Thor at 30. People just started to unlock Mortem. Decel resistance and cleansing move makes Mortem better than Thor.



I think this dude may have risen to be one of the best Thor counters again, just like the old days. Agree? Disagree?

It’s kind of a stretch to say Thor is better than Mortem IMO… Mortem is faster and does more damage, and it’s more resistant to statuses, especially Speed Decrease which is a huge thing to have on a chomper. I think Thor is, at very most, on par with Mortem, and even then, it’s really not because of anything it didn’t already have in Instant Charge. Realistically, it’s not as good a pick.

The only instance in which I can think of that Thor is indisputably better than Mortem using it to revenge kill a slow(ed) enemy to set up for another KO. Like, you swap in after losing your dino, Impact for revenge, then Rampage + Insta Charge… But that’s such a niche scenario that it hardly overrides the many ways in which Mortem is flat-out better than Thor (including being better against its counters due to Cleansing Impact)

Thor does work against Lux… you just need a 4 turn round 1.
Believe me, I know.

Going back to the original debate…
Both are good in a mostly resilient meta… specially as revenge killers.
And both can be easily stopped by cunning dinos… I’ve been hoping to see a change in the way people build cunning dinos, to survive the chomper onslaught… but we are back at seeing 160+ speed creatures.

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I saw one strat with Thor. Others from alliance tried it, but couldn’t make it work. @Viatovic

Yeah, I was seeing 162 Magnas everywhere. Those are eatean by Max attack Thor.

Stripped all boosts except from Tenrex (happy with his build). Thinking of going bulky on Magna. Don’t see Spyx working in Thor and Morty meta, unless going extremely bulky.

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You just need a Tuora, Dio and Irri… it’s pretty easy.

And yeah, I’m going myself with bulkier builds of Magna and Spyx.
Not interested in the short term speed race.


Unless it’s my Spyx, who seems to not realise he’s supposed to be stun resistant. I swear it gets stunned just as often as my other dinos.

Stuff like that never works.

Trust me, I’ve tried