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Thoradolosaur mejor atacante para raids/Thoradolosaur best attacker for raids

Here a better thora for pvp and for raids

Broken :confused:

No tens

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Again, didn’t you already make a thread about this?

No, we do not need that in game or for raids because it’s just too much and would be over the top.

It’s not super good the broken attacks and only 1 direct attack all others are group so in my opinion 2/10

The immunity to speed will make this way to broken in pvp. This will just spark a new reason for people to nitro there thor.

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You complain about nitro thorns when nitro mortems are much more dangerous just look at this

Thats why we have to make nitro thors more dangerous🗿i dont get that

My opinion is that’s bad luck or you where just unlucky that time

Okay then look at it this way. Suppose that thor and mortem are two annoying kids. Thor is really annoying and makes you want to leave the room to avoid him. Mortem is so annoying that you want to lock him in a closet with lock and discard the key so he stays there forever. The thing is though, just because mortem is more annoying then thor, they are still both annoying.

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Standard mortem speed. Maybe a little slower tbh. Mortems typically keep their speed above the towers so they can get a big hit or two off before going down

I agree, atm my mortem is 124 speed so I can get the standard speed in raids. But in a month my mortem will reach level 30 so I’ll get it to 136 speed since I’m pretty much ready for using different raid dinos I guess I have a nitro mortem :man_shrugging: :joy:

This not even nitro. This is a good speed for mortems to have. Perfect for raids. I think your just upset because you got 1 shot by a mortem. it has 124 speed which is no where near nitro.


Yes, Mrex is annoying and should not have that deceleration resistance and cleansing impact.
But this is not a reason to just apply the same to Thor:)

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keep mortems decel resistance. its supposed to counter resilients. if thinks like maxima and gemini can decelerate it then it can not counter resilients like its supposed to. M Rex is an apex so it should be good.

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That’s not nitro and that’s a small morty

This is more close to nitro

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Not a chomper but definitely a nitro dino

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a nitro lux. thats new for me.

agreed, this is closer to nitro.