Thoradolosaur or Scorpiuse rex gen 3?

So these are 2 unique hybrids that I can get but the problem is I dont have enough coins to evolve both of these hybrids ingredients so I wanted to ask which hybrid should i got for?

It really depends what you do a lot in the game. If you do raids, Thoradolosaur is perfect for that, but if you do pvp, then Scorpios Rex Gen 3 is the one for that.


I guess I’ll go for Scorpios g3 since im lvl 12 and cant do unique or apex raids :frowning:


Both,and if your Thor is good level,and you are at the level for raids,you mostly be ready

SR3 is what I’d do.

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He can’t do both and that’s why he’s asking this question

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Probably Scorp if you’re doing the pvp side of things

Yea im prob ganna do scorp g3 to make my team better cuz my current pvp team is pretty bad.

I was saying he can Thor and when he is ready to do raids his Thor may be right

Yeah go for that

My current team for lockdown:
Dodocevia lvl 18
I-rex lvl 18
Indoraptor gen 2 lvl 16
Thylacotator lvl 12
Scorpios rex gen 2 lvl 19
Allosinosaurus lvl 18 (Ready to evolve to 19)
Dracoceratops lvl 16
and Tyrannolophosaur lvl 17

So idk if this is a good team in lockdown cuz dinosaurs like flocks and megalotops usually wipe my dinos out with ez. So it would be nice for some feedback of which dino i can swap out.

Definitely go for scorp, it’s one of the best uniques in the game

Thor for raids, Scorp for arena

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Trust me you’ll get there soon enough

If you want pvp then scorp

If you want raids then thor

Although scorp is WAY better then thor in pvp so I would probably do that

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k thx guys

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So idk if you guys still come here everyday but i just wanna say that im finally making progress for scorp gen 3. I’ll start fusing it by the end of this week but just wanted to say thank you for the suggestions.


You’re welcome