Thoradolosaur or Utarinex?

What does everyone think they’re going to go for after this weekend’s armor event?

Thoradolosaur 100% Easier ingredients, should be an amazing tank buster, and if nothing else for that amazing name. Utarinex beats it in a 1 on 1 fight though, so that’s a minor downside.

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Currently trying to get my utarinex to 26 :sweat_smile:

I would get both! :heart_eyes:

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Dont know the stats of thoradolosaur, so cant really say yet :’)

Tarbosaurus is somewhat of a rare commen. Doesn’t show up in incubators so much and doesn’t show up on the map as much as other commons, gona be a challenge to get him to level 20

I have made my choice. Utahrinex - mine is 22 now and trying to get it to 24 with the Sino from this event. My Allosinosaurus is still at lvl 16…

First hunt of the day got just one Sino appropriate neighbour. This is slow.


Can you show me stats please ? That’s quite an assumption

The patch notes said it will have a similar set to allosino, meaning the likely set is dss, api, dsr, instant charge. Since utarinex’s instant charge will act first, it can stun first, and it has distracting rampage which thora can’t get rid of the -50% damage from. So unless thora hits a lucky crit(s) then it’s safe to assume that utarinex would win in a 1 on 1.

I wouldn’t be so affirmative then just saying “it will probably be the winner in 1v1”. The way you said it sounds like you already had the stats. Attack, life, speed, armor, crit can change a lot of things :smiley:

I know an idiot squandered 450 sino dna to unlock allosino. After that he realized the sino dna he had isn’t sufficient to level it up to 20, so he just left it be. I need to have a deep talk to myself for never do that again. :expressionless:

I want to do Thora (haven’t unlocked allosino) but have a 18 utasino and could definitely unlock utarinex after this weekend. I also picture Utarinex still being better due to the fact that we won’t be seeing nearly as many tanks anymore after the update. Any thoughts?

ok guys… i have to say something here… its not thora!! its “Thor” and you are not worthy of its hammer…

Guessing it will take 2000 Tarbo and 50 Alli per fuse?