Thoradolosaur, Tenontorex which to choose?

Thoradolosaur, Tenontorex both @ speed 109, which one is better?

They don’t share components so Imho both

I would say thoradolosaur.
With the fall of tanks like stego and trago, monostegotops and tryko can now be considered viable tanks as well with good HP and 30% armor.
Thoradolosaur counters tryko with 1 speed more and tank/defense busting moves, and since everyone will want tryko now, I place my money on thora

Debuffer/nullifier with dsr and Rex power though quite a solid combo

instant charge is a very good move atm. I went for Thor. both look very good but i like Thor better with IC and the 40% insta win🤣


Can you show my a pic of what it looks like? :heart_eyes:

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Found @ardens thread


I meant for tento rex… have you made it yet ? :grin:


I wish!!!

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Its attack and hitpoint is a direct copy of the old tryko. But it kinda eats tryko with ease.

Looks like The armored era is officially over :joy:

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