Thoradolosaur with 150 speed.. Ludia, you’ve broken your own game

Title says it all. This is just ridiculous now…


@Ned @John @Ludia_Developers you guys need to rethink this whole boost thing lol


They need to get rid of the speed boosts. Dino’s faster then what was created to counter them. Where is the balance? Everyone knows speed wins the majority of matches. Especially with a creature that can one shot your whole deck. The arena has definitely lost it’s charm.


@Idgt902 exactly. Slowly (or rather, quickly…) killing the game. :pensive:


200% agree. This game has become a weapon race, seldom battle skills involved now.


It just means this player spent a lot of his boosts on Thor. Which makes the rest of his team exposed. If you have your Rinex, dilorachs, erlidoms, magnas, indoraptor, at tier 6 speed, they’re going to be faster than this 150 speed Thor which is tier 8 in speed. Still gonna be slower hence you’d be able to counter it.


With the amount of boosts that have been up for sale over time they could easily have enough to boost that thing and still have mostly 5/6 tier boosts across the rest of the team.


@Sergiosaurus yes we all know that, still doesn’t change the fact that its broken. Thats the main point here, not trying to find a counter to a ridiculous stat boost. Lol just like theres a chance he/she wont get thor in their team every time, theres a chance the opponent wont get more than 1 faster dino in their team every time as well.

Speed boosts, or boosts in general if we wanna go that route, are killing the game. Nothing at the moment can nor will change that fact.

(@Sean_Otoole lol there, its fixed now :joy:)


Okay and I’m agreeing with that point, where did I ever say anything different? Not really understanding why you replied to me with that comment…

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@Sean_Otoole im so sorry mate, I replied to the wrong person :joy:


Lol thought that might’ve been the case, was so confused!


Well with nearly 3k damage, 7k health and 150 speed it could be worse…

…it could have 40% crit >.>


When I run into a Thor with 143 speed (which is the fastest ive personally seen in a match) I just consider it a no-contest and move onto the next match. I don’t even try.

Like even if you take it down, just imagine the level of the rat they would have to steal the win…

I just congratulate the winner of the match “Stat Boost” I think their name is and move on.


Speed isn’t the only problem. Counters that can outspeed it are mostly so glassy that Thor can two shot them even distracted. Need lvl 6 or higher health boost on Thor counter to be sure it will survive.


Ludia should be ashamed of this. HP and Attack are insane as well.


Thanks for the info need to speed Tier 6 some of my fast creatures ASAP. 256 speed points on the same creature suggests they’ve got nothing if it’s not picked.


They could still have alot of their team at tier 5 speed. Next speed boost my thor will be the same as the OP thor. With magna, erlid, dilorach, rinex all tier 5 and small amounts on tryko and dioraj and rat. And I missed buying a 25 speed earlier. I only need 16 more speed to get the 128 required for thor tier 7 speed on thor. Still going backwards in the standings though.

I applied saved boosts to another team that has dino levels 1 or 2 levels lower and that team increased 500 trophies. Higher level team has gone backwards with the same boosts applied.

Sorry, actually next speed boost makes tier 7. So 143 speed on thor. So yeah. I guess that player doesn’t have much speed on other dinos.


Very true, my level 30, 5032 HP Erlikodom couldn’t survive Thor even when dodged …

So hats-off to Ludia for buffing Thor and nerfing Dodge/Cloak dinos to hell


The story will not end here…when THOR absorb all the MONEY MONEY MONEY paid for her…we know THOR will become Indoraptor…

Then…we will have another new THOR out to suck players MONEY MONEY MONEY again…


mmmm, thor at 150 is tier 8 speed boost.

for that we should take some dinos to tier 6 (above 150), like: procerathomimus, erlidominus, magnapyritor, diloracheirus, erlikospyx, utarinex, and maybe utasino. depending also on levels and other boosts to counter thor.

the “less worse” part is, if a player spent this much speed boost to thor, the other dinos in team maybe are lower tier, if can finish thor (draco welcome back again?)

edit: according to screenshot, its a lvl 30 thor, boosted 6-7-8. i presume you may have highest level dinos too, to deal with this, if matchmaker is doing the right job. only need to apply more speed boost to counter?

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Spyx is an amazing counter to thor. 147 speed, debilitating distraction, at 2400 damage dsr can get about 1k damage with a crit I think