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How much do you wanna bet Thor is now Tyrant due to those infamous stat boosts?

Tier lists don’t take boosts into consideration. :wink:


Wasn’t it already ?

Just check yeah nope it was apex

Nothing like going up against 145 speed Thors. Still better than Rats though. At least i KNOW i’m a goner right from the start.




Are you referring to the Hindu scripturem

145? That’s nothing. The last one I faced was 180, with over 2500 damage and over 6100 health. This game is just a joke now.


Or, maybe they take them into account for ALL creatures! Think about it. If you assume all creatures in any given match up have max boosts, it’s essentially the same as the boosts not being there at all because it’s the same for both sides. 50% health/attack and 100 speed for both sides is the same as neither side having them at all!! :yum:

Honestly… The boosts are big people problems…

You got the elites (boosts won’t bother cuz it’s max vs max)
The big people (boosts are huge problem when other people have them) they can’t spend or skill enough to make elite but think they deserve it.
The regular players (mid game) (get hammered by boosts on thier way up) but long term no real problem
The low levels (have it hard as even a low boost will hurt)
The new players who will love the boosts to get to competitive rapidly.

If the management isn’t changing the boosts guess where the biggest numbers lay

Truth is super boosted Thor’s will become an account selling point and will disappear when thier owners get bored and a reliable counter

Ok. It was just supposed to be a stupid joke, though…

It’s a quote from one of the scientists that invented the Atomic Bomb. Oppenheimer I think.

That’s what he said when they watched the first testing of it. He may have been quoting from something, IDK. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh I know who Oppenheimer is. And I know what he was quoting and when and why.

Yep but it’s going to take a little over 11 years to boost a team of 8 to max if you don’t change your team at all. So just buckle down for the next decade and you won’t have anything to complain about :confused:

145 ?

Look at this!