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Those 10 DNA fuses...Aaaaarghh!

After the alliance mission completed yesterday, I thought finally I had enough DNA to create Erlidominus.

Boy was I wrong. 1000+ DNA of Erlikosaurus was not enough as I got five consecutive 10 DNA fuses. Now stuck at 240/250.

And I got exactly the same situation with Diloracheirus when I tried to level up. Three consecutive 10 DNA fuses!

Both so, so close and yet so far. Sigh!

I think the most irritating sight in JWA (besides seeing your opponents Rat), is that 10 DNA fuse!


If anything, you are likely to have a big fuse coming up somewhere down the line, like 40, 50 or even higher, just not sure which dino will be the beneficiary. I have been fusing rinex and getting 10s and 20s for the longest time, and just a few days back, got a 70 fuse. So I guess patience is name of the game when it comes to fusing. :wink:


Oh, Yes, Just today trying myself to create Diloracheirus, I started with 5 10 fuses and then got a 50 but with many other 10’s mostly and 20’s ended up with 220/250 before running out out Ouranosaurus DNA. So now I have to wait till Saturday to get, thank goodness, for Oranosaurus as an event dino this week or it would be 2-3 weeks of Ourano’s in the sanctuaruy’s. to get that last 30 DNA.

My Gemini is really making me work for her. Sucks that it has to be GEMINI that gives me utterly rotten fuses.

For me it’s Magna with the 10s :man_facepalming:

Magna and Spyx give me the 10s too often. A few days ago I went to restock all of my rare hybrid dna to donate to my alliance members, and I had the best string of fuses I’ve ever had since this game launched. All on stuff I was just giving away. It went something like 40-100-30-50-50-30-40-20-10-50-60 :neutral_face:

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I can practically guarantee your last fuse will be huge.

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Having played this game for well over a year, I have only ever hit a 100fuse once, and the beneficiary dino was the ingredient for tryko, can’t remember it’s name, but it’s a legendary dino, the one with the distracting moves. I almost jumped when the 100fuse came up lol.

You mean Ankyntrosaurus?

I reached 220/250 as well for dilorac and had 1 more fuse left, guess wat it gave me a 30 fuse :joy: hope it happens for you too!

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Ah yes, that one, I can never get its name right lol

It looks too much like Ankylosaurus so I forget the name sometimes too.

Just managed to fuse my Diloracheirus and levelled up to 23. And that final fuse gave me 30 DNA. Finally no 10 DNA. Yay!


And not to forget another one call alankysaurus I think? haha

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But alankylo doesn’t look like Ankylosaurus

Ah I meant the spelling of the 2 words, I used to be confused over them.

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I got the 30 DNA you predicted. Wow!

Can you give me 4 random numbers? I need to play the local lottery.

haha I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work that way.

Biggest I ever got was 80…never seen a 100 or a 90 yet I’ve been playing since the game started…I always get 10s and 20s mostly

yea I always believed a 100 fuse was like an urban myth in this game, altho I have read abt other players getting it, that was until it happened to me.
And I have hit an 80 as well…on a dracorat…the horrors! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: