Those battles you just hate


… or at least groan at. I’ll start:

Anything vs monominimus
Tragodistus vs stegodeus (either side)
Stegoceratops vs stegoceratops

What about you?


Anytime I get locked out of the arena at the start of a battle, and end up getting defeated by “OPPONENT NAME”. (This has gotten worse in Badlands).


most of them. i feel like most games come down to who gets the stuns. crits and dodges, not who’s actually the better player with the better team. don’t care for the battles at all. still play, hoping one day all of this nonsense will be removed and i can just play 1v1 against my opponent. not 1vRNGv1 as it is.


Yeah thats what ruins this game and people like for some reason.


Momomimus makes me cringe… I’d rather fight Indoraptor any day (therefore, can’t wait to add the flying chicken from hell to my team! :laughing: Just need more Gallimimus DNA).


Mmmmm! :poultry_leg:Flame-roasted devil chicken… sounds good!


Served with a side of mashed Rajankylo and steamed Kentro…

It’s a bit crunchy and spiky, but it’s an acquired taste.


What you said about monomimus making you cringe took me back to the first time I faced Sarcorixis. That was pure nightmare fuel. But now that it’s been nerfed, it’s not too difficult to beat anymore.