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Those „hell no moments” round 2


Continuing the discussion from Those “Hell No” moments:

It was very fun positive topic to read, check it out, thanks @SaraCuriosa for the idea, I bet there is many more coming :smiley:



And this…



Makes me think “- we are lucky that reptilians are just a myth” :rofl:


When you used 3 epic scent capsules in various parts of Zone 4, maintained a reasonable moving pace throughout, and you never once did you have two of any dino spawned, and the grand total of 3 epics from the 3 epic scent capsules are all b*oody Koolasuchus :tired_face: :sob:


Oh don’t be sad… :upside_down_face:
Would it make you feel better if I tell you Koolasuchus has highest damage of all dinosaurs?
It can also make a nice pet if you know which animal is it’s ancestor :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I don’t think I would dislike Koolasuchus so much if it doesn’t look so creepy and actually has a strong hybrid :rofl:


That’s exactly what I think of Secondo lol, only I saw people doing magic with Koola and never saw once anybody brave enough to try Secondo since it’s superior to nothing, even some commons are overshadowing it’s skills :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve had a Secondo spawned on an epic scent capsule when I was in Zone 4. I was not happy since that dino should be staying in her Zone 2 :joy:


This also begs the question, are frogs secretly the biggest threat to mankind?


Yes. Yes they are. We must destroy all frogs on sight! LOL


Any amphibian, really. That goes for the relatively worthless Diplos and Koolas.


Not sure if that really a good news but we are actually already doing it, all amphibians are in a massive decline over the last few years due to climate change, PH levels and temperatures.

This time we’re not only endangering one specie but the whole group, they are expected to be gone by the end of this century at best.

Well done to us humans, we are as clever as we always have been :clap:


Take that, Wu! LOL

But yeah. We’re currently living through the earth’s sixth extinction event. Since 1970 (I think), 50% or more wildlife species have totally disappeared.


Yup, and the most ridiculous thing is that although everyone is aware that it’s a ticking time bomb towards doomsday, that it’s to late to stop it and we can only hope for minimising impact of this which we can, must and should be doing on a global scale, people just don’t care.
As always we are gonna wake up when one day we gonna have to fight for a bottle of water, and that’s actually a optimistic version :slightly_smiling_face:


When you are doing event battles and choose to beta test some dinosaurs and after few more rounds as usual “AI” decides to go afk :rofl::see_no_evil::

I had to wait full turn every turn :sob::see_no_evil::clap:


At least you were able to see what you were fighting :joy:
I had no idea what i was up against in this pvp fight

Reloaded the game and found out😅


And then later the same day, during battle my mobile caught friendly WiFi, autoconnected then switched back to data and that messed things a little :rofl::see_no_evil::